5 Riveting Medical Thrillers Chosen By Dr. Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani

Mohammed Hussain AlqahtaniPhoto Credit: Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani

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Art imitates life, and Hollywood is no exception. While the movie industry may exaggerate from time to time, movies can transcend our experiences with the outside world while bringing us into it. As the pandemic unfolded worldwide, it felt like our day-to-day existence became a bit of a medical thriller. As the stay-at-home orders percolated and our understanding of the virus improved, things became calm enough to a point where we could relax and retreat to our homes. 

Many found that watching medical thrillers was a great way to pass the time. We love a good medical thriller. They are exciting and suspenseful with human storylines that captivate their audience. We spoke with Dr. Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani, and he shared with us the five most riveting medical thrillers of all time. 

Mohammed Hussain AlqahtaniPhoto Credit: Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani

1. Shutter Island

Released in 2010, this dark psychological thriller directed by Martin Scorsese follows the investigation of a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane in Boston Harbor after a patient goes missing. “Shutter Island is a fantastic movie because it represents the age-old adage that everything isn’t always what it seems,” says Dr. Alqahtani. “There is so much going on with this hospital, and it’s both disturbing and alarming.” 

2. Contagion

Contagion saw a resurgence in popularity, and it’s no wonder why. “Contagion represents the absolute worst-case scenario regarding a pandemic, and I think many people, strangely enough, found its escapism a bit comforting,” Dr. Alqahtani explains. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow, in Contagion, an unknown virus begins sweeping the world, and its effects are devastating. It is a gripping movie due to its combination of fear, drama and suspense.

3. Coma

Directed by Michael Crichton and adapted from the novel of the same name, Coma is the story of a surgical resident who finds that the hospital she is working in has an unusually high instance of comas in young and healthy people. “Coma is full of suspense generated by questions and intrigue,” says Dr. Alqahtani. “I won’t spoil it, but the main character’s discoveries are horrifying, and it makes for the premise of an excellent thriller.”

4. American Mary

A ​body-horror film, American Mary, is about an impoverished medical student who begins performing illegal body-modification surgeries. The nature of the surgeries is extreme, making the movie fascinating and a bit grotesque. “American Mary brings you into an incredibly dark and underground world which is made believable by the main character’s contrasting situation,” explains Dr. Alqahtani. “The storyline transitions to revenge and keeps the viewer highly invested.”

Mohammed Hussain AlqahtaniPhoto Credit: Mohammed Hussain Alqahtani

5. Pathology

The medical world meets crime. Pathology is a crime-based thriller exposing a group of interns’ secret and murderous activities at one of the nation’s most prestigious pathology programs. Released in 2008, the movie depicts infidelity, murder, and revenge. “Pathology has all the makings of a great thriller,” says Dr. Alqahtani. “The infidelity gives it scandal while the murder gives it intrigue.” 

Trying to pass the time while stuck at home during this crazy year? These five recommendations will no doubt keep you on the edge of your seat.