Luxury Sustainable Swimwear Brand, Botanical Beach Babes: Outperforming Technology + Philanthropic Approach

Botanical Beach BabesPhoto Credit: Botanical Beach Babes

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Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® is a lifestyle brand that features an elegant assortment of luxury sustainable resort and swimwear styles exclusively created by a global network of Fashion Designers from Los Angeles, Australia, Italy, Switzerland & Spain. 

The Background:

Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® fashion design and online retail sales platform were specifically created for sophisticated, stylish women who are selective about their fashion choices and conscious of their purchasing practices. Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® originally started as a philanthropic project aimed to promote new emerging sustainable fashion designers through the powerful use of their social media page, which currently features over 200K followers. Now, the North American, U.S.-based, online luxury sustainable retailer has become one of the most iconic and exclusive apparel brands favored by international celebrities, top models and bloggers.

Botanical Beach BabesPhoto Credit: Botanical Beach Babes

Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® has continued to achieve success with the Summer 2020 debut of the Amoure Swimwear collection by Italian, Istituto Marangoni-trained Fashion Stylist + Designer Maria Ludovica Campana. It is one of the very few companies that actually grants its designers “free reign” over social media channels, which means that at any time, all of the designers can send digital deliverables that are reposted to its network online.

Do you know how powerful that is? The capability of providing your potential clientele and existing buyers of your brand with constant “behind the scenes,”  real-time content is gold! All of the Designers at Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles® are the direct spokesmodels for their brands, which allows them as a global company to operate at an affordable cost. 

Botanical Beach BabesPhoto Credit: Botanical Beach Babes

People that are interested in purchasing products online will want to know who they are buying from and if the person shares the same values as they do, says Laura Preston, PR Manager for Botanical Beach Babes Los Angeles®. Due to consistent theft of intellectual property in the fashion industry, there is a highly valuable key that is currently missing—retailers connecting with their designers on an individual basis collectively. 

Botanical Beach BabesPhoto Credit: Botanical Beach Babes

Botanical Beach Babes grants each designer a standard set of guidelines to maintain the brand’s priority mission and goals. That’s it! All of the other creative elements are implemented by the designer according to their individual personalities and fashion styling preferences. The creative team involved in the exclusive brand are far more than Fashion Designers—they are female Entrepreneurs with valuable missions in mind: Sustainability, Femininity, Technology & Philanthropy.

Botanical Beach Babes Mission:

Beautifully designed swimwear and resort wear that creates social awareness for our endangered oceans & sea life. By utilizing elements from the ocean, such as regenerated plastics and fishing nets, we are able to design sustainable luxury you can enjoy without compromising style or substance.

Botanical Beach BabesPhoto Credit: Botanical Beach Babes