Pastor Mike Signorelli Encourages People To Stand United Amidst The Pandemic

Mike SignorelliPhoto Credit: Mike Signorelli

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The greatest communicators and leaders across history have known the power of collective consciousness. When speaking of common sense, solidarity, and care for the community, a form of collective responsibility, the duty of cooperation, and an act of consciousness holds together the purpose that insists change, inclusion, and empathy.

Time and again, amid pandemics, natural calamities, terror attacks, or any other world crisis, homes have become the channels for battle, hospitals the combat zones for doctors, medical staff, and nurses, and not forgetting, the vulnerable environment, a work field for the essential service workers who ensure the functioning of the necessities of life. As a leader of V1 Church – a New York-based multi-site church, Pastor Mike Signorelli has come forward to encourage the world’s leaders and its citizens to embrace a spirit of cooperation and solidarity towards those laboring tirelessly for essential services.

A lot needs to be done to defend as well as preserve the dignity of the essential service workers in the unstinting and much-needed quest of the common good, believes Pastor Mike Signorelli. “Solidarity is the need of the hour,” he says. “We must aim at righting wrongs, restoring hope, promoting the well-being of one and all, and fulfilling commitments towards the society.”

As a promoter of peace, a man of prayer, and an advocate of social change, the Indiana-native also encourages people in a privileged position to help those who are trapped in the cycle of injustice, poverty, and unemployment. Having traveled and witnessed the gap between the promises and pitfalls of communal harmony and equality across cities and countries, Pastor Mike strongly addresses the need to treat not just the service workers but the whole of society with the same compassion and passion as we want to be treated.

Mike SignorelliPhoto Credit: Mike Signorelli

He further adds, “The need is to work together to combat threats that mainly affect the poor around the world. We need to execute a ‘culture of care’ so that, in the near future, we can live in a world that is marked by respect for the dignity of all, protection of liberty, and service to those in need.”

Besides being a lead Pastor at V1 Church, Pastor Mike also conducts leadership development and training for the entrepreneurial community on a regular basis. His modern outlook towards the world and constant efforts to bridge the gap between the secular and the sacred has led him to world conferences and events to provide strategies to business owners, pastors, and managers of multinationals.

Mike SignorelliPhoto Credit: Mike Signorelli

“I try to be a non-cliché Pastor. I always focus on being someone who’s easily-relatable, particularly to the skeptics,” he added. Pastor Mike’s hold over communication and engagement has helped him collaborate with business leaders from different parts of the country to mutually serve the locals in need. The result of this is that Pastor Mike, through the means of V1 Church, has been able to make available over $300,000 gifts in the last three years for the underprivileged during the Christmas time.

The work is far from done, believes Pastor Mike, as he continues to pave the way leading to better times.