How A Nurse Helped Jumpstart A New Masks And Sanitizer Brand Via Social Media

Janell PanickoPhoto Credit: Dimetri HoganWritten in partnership with Thomas Herd 

Janell Panicko, a private nurse, and social media marketing manager for Green Supply has taken on the role of spreading awareness of the company accessibility to masks, spray hand sanitizer and other essential safety products. 

During the beginning of the pandemic, Janell Panicko was working as a private nurse in Arizona. As someone who has always utilized social media for both business and her personal life, Janell was approached by Chad Horstman, a friend and colleague who was forced to pivot his online business to work as the social media manager for the new company. Janell focuses on managing the company’s social media, collaborating with bloggers and influencers, arranging consumer giveaways and spreading awareness about the company’s ability to provide essential products with health and wellness in mind. We met up with Panicko at her current home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and talked about the launch of Green Supply and what she does to ensure the company’s success. 

TH: Many readers might be wondering how you went from being a nurse to being a social media marketing manager. Can you share with us how that happened?

JP: I graduated from nursing school in 2016. I have worked for various hospitals but ultimately was ready to leave the hospital by my third year of nursing. I always wanted to pursue the healthcare side of the business. I decided to leave the bedside and enroll in the MBA program at Grand Canyon. During this time, I discovered my love for marketing and started seeking business opportunities outside of healthcare.

I was able to secure a full-time position at an exclusive private golf course in North Scottsdale as a private nurse taking temperatures during the COVID-19 crisis. This position allows me to screen individuals within the community to ensure we are following the proper CDC recommendations. In addition, I enforce social distancing guidelines, encourage proper hand hygiene and sanitizing measures, perform a visual screen of any COVID-19 like symptoms, and ensure all temperatures are below 100.4 Fahrenheit. 

Following this new role, I spoke with Chad and explained to him what I was doing and asked about joining his team and gaining some experience in health and wellness marketing. I was hired on by Chad to initially find bloggers and influencers, and as the months have passed this role has grown into so much more. I now manage all social media and marketing projects. 

TH: Does your background in healthcare help guide Green Supply’s selection in products? 

JP: Yes, it does. I often help review and provide feedback on products. The CDC recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60-percent alcohol. All our spray hand sanitizers meet this standard. In addition, I use all the products including the KN95 masksdisposable blue masks and cloth face masks. I provide important feedback on these and other products and help answer questions for customers. 

TH: What is your role as social media manager? What do you see for Green Supply’s future? 

JP: I manage all social media outlets, set up giveaways, provide product imaging, write for the company’s blog and create helpful guides to ensure the proper use of products. I also help customers who may have questions that contact us via these accounts. I think it is important that we represent our products in a genuine fashion, providing as many details as possible. Green Supply’s original plan was to focus on the development of CBD oil and organic oils. The plan is to launch that collection shortly, however, I don’t see COVID-19 going away anytime soon. I anticipate we will continue to sell masks, hand sanitizers and other essential products. We plan to expand our inventory and provide more stylish, reusable, safe masks and other safety tools. 

TH: How has Green Supply’s growth been? What’s next for Green Supply?

JP: The growth for Green Supply has continued to be steady. We do a lot of collaborations with healthcare employees and local businesses. We hope to continue this steady pace of growth. From a marketing standpoint, I hope to see the growth not only continue to be steady but to increase. I’m hoping with the launch of our CBD oil we can cater to a larger audience and expand more on this product. Green Supply has a strong team. Many of us carry many roles and have multiple projects taking place. I believe with each individual’s talents, Green Supply will continue to grow into a successful business.