Brittany Xavier On Why Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sacrifice Style

Brittany Xavier Photo Credit: Anthony Xavier

 Fashion influencer Brittany Xavier is known for her fantastic style and her fabulous lifestyle, but at the end of the day, the former marketing executive who turned her astute talent for mixing high and low fashion into a much sought after destination online, is happiest just being a mom. We chatted with Brittany—who brings daughter Jaydn on many of her whirlwind adventures—about motherhood, fashion (her brand partners include Givenchy, YSL, Marc Jacobs and Cartier) and why being a mom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Brittany XavierPhoto Credit: Anthony Xavier

 What is your most memorable Mother’s Day celebration?

One year my family and I went to Disneyland and had so much fun. The park wasn’t busy and Jadyn enjoyed herself, I always remember that as a great Mother’s Day celebration.

What is the hardest thing about being a mom?

The hardest thing for me was being a single mom. When I had Jadyn, I worked part-time while going to school. I sacrificed a lot to provide for my family at a young age which was hard but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What do you wish you did differently when becoming a new mom?

Because I had my daughter at a young age, I feel like I did everything I could at the time for her. I didn’t have the luxury of buying her whatever I wanted- but always made it work. I had her on a schedule pretty early on and she was sleeping through the night at two months old and always took great naps, I think that helped a ton because I was never extremely low on sleep like I hear from new moms often. Getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself is so important!

Brittany Xavier Photo Credit: Anthony Xavier

 How has your life changed since having a child?

Growing up I didn’t want kids or marriage. My pregnancy was unplanned and I struggled in the beginning. My life has changed because I have someone to put first now.

Does being a mom mean that you have to sacrifice style? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. Everything I wear is comfortable and always good for travel or when I’m on-the-go. It’s just taking that few extra minutes in the morning to grab an outfit. I think sometimes moms feel guilty for spending time or money on themselves like that. If you love style, doesn’t mean that you have to give it up suddenly because you’re now a mom- it just means getting the right pieces that fit your lifestyle but that are still flattering and make you feel great.

What are some of your favorite pieces to wear on outings [with children], and how could these outfits translate into everyday life for the luxurious woman?

A leather jacket is a staple in my closet and so great for day to night, but also looks refined. Also a great fitting pair of jeans- I’m currently loving the high waist vintage styles from Nobody’s Denim. I also love a good combat boot, still gives the outfit an edge without sacrificing comfort.

Brittany Xavier
Brittany and daughter Jadyn in Santa Monica, Calif.

Photo Credit: Anthony Xavier

What are your ‘must’ pieces for summer?

I love bucket hats, I’ve never been into large straw hats so this hat trend is something I’m very on board with.

What five things will you never leave the house without and why?

    • My phone: My life is on it, also I can’t go anywhere without google maps
    • Facial mist: I love spritzing myself during the day for added glow
    • Hand sanitizer: I’m a bit of a germaphobe
    • Portable charger: I can’t remember the last time I ever plugged my phone into the wall.
    • RX bars: I’m always running around so it’s good to have a snack on hand for either me or Jay
Brittany Xavier
Brittany and Jaydn in Kauai, Hawaii

Photo Credit: Anthony Xavier
What is the most luxurious thing you own, and what is your favorite memory attached to wearing it?

I love my wedding band stack from my husband, each ring reminds me of different memories or trips together and to me, they’re irreplaceable.

What are your top 5 luxe hotel picks for summer and why?

  • Grand Hyatt Kauai- I just got back from there and the pools are incredible, Jadyn wanted to stay there all day to swim.
  • Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica– We love doing staycations there during the summer.
  • The Shore Club Turks & Caicos We went last summer and still one of my favorite beaches ever.
  • Hotel California Santa Barbara- Again, another spot I love for a staycation the pool has a great view and fun shopping and dining on State street.
  • Canaves Oia Epitome: Went here last summer and it was my favorite hotel of the three we stayed at during our Greece tour.
Brittany Xavier
Brittany and Jaydn at LAX

Photo Credit: Anthony Xavier