Sarah Jessica Parker & Jeff Bridges Reprise Iconic Roles For Stella Artois Super Bowl Ad

“Carrie Bradshaw” is arguably Sarah Jessica Parker‘s most iconic role she’s ever played, of course, on the HBO hit series Sex and the City. The New York Post columnist had one of the most enviable wardrobes that television has ever seen, representing each and every designer via both new and vintage pieces.

Another one of television and film’s most iconic roles ever was of course, “The Dude,” played by super talented Jeff Bridges in the Academy Award winning film, The Big Lebowski. In the movie, the carefree bowling enthusiast gets caught up in a deadly case of mistaken identity, taking him from one unbelievable character and scenario to the next.

What do these two seemingly opposite characters have in common? A signature drink. “Carrie” put the Cosmopolitan on the map, while “The Dude” made the White Russian popular again. Belgian beer company Stella Artois tapped into this similarity in a fun and engaging campaign for the Super Bowl LIII called “Change Up The Usual,” where “Carrie” and “The Dude” walk into a bar to order drinks. Instead of ordering their go-to’s, they opt for Stellas, shocking the crowd and stopping the bar traffic dead in their tracks.

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The ad is made in partnership with—an organization that Stella Artois has been working with since 2015—to encourage viewers to #PourItForward and do good.