Zuma Launches Special Namesake Sake—Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Zuma SakekitPhoto Credit: Zuma Miami

Zuma Miami has long remained one of Miami’s most treasured dining destinations. Known for its innovative Japanese cuisine, perfectly grilled robata menu items and happening bar scene, it’s consistently one of the toughest reservations to snag on any given night of the week. Now, Zuma has enhanced its entire dining and drinking program with the launch of its new house sake, a fukukomachi “junmai ginjo sake”—the perfect libation to complement Zuma’s exquisite culinary offerings. The sake goes down smooth and light, enhancing delicious menu items like the Hamachi, Seabass Truffle Sashimi, Beef Tataki with Truffle and sushi and sashimi platters.

Zuma MiamiPhoto Credit: Zuma Miami

While this is a global launch, the beautiful Miami location is lucky enough to be the first to debut it. In light of this exciting news, we chatted with Zuma’s Head Sommelier and wine buyer for Europe and U.S., Alastair England, to find out more about the ingredients of the delicious sake, its ideal pairings and more to uncover how the concoction was crafted.

HL: What’s the timeline to create the sake?

AE: The sake took two and a half years of tasting and developing with representatives from the Kimura brewery at Zuma London before it was agreed that the 2018 batch of the Kimura ‘fukukomachi’ junmai ginjo would serve as the Zuma-branded sake for the anticipated 2018 release.

HL: What are its ingredients? 

AE: This sake has a 55-percent polishing ratio, which is very high for a junmai ginjo sake. This provides good weight, length and complexity to the sake. It uses 100-percent miyamanishiki rice that is primarily sourced in Akita. Additionally, the brewery utilizes handmade small batch processes in the stages of production, which gives it its delicate notes and taste.

Zuma MiamiPhoto Credit: Zuma Miami

HL: What is the cost of each bottle?

AE: It ranges from $19 to $275 depending on size, from 100ml-1800ml.

Zuma MiamiPhoto Credit: Zuma Miami

HL: How would you recommend pairing the sake with dishes from Zuma? 

AE: It’s appropriate for multiple pairings across the menu as the profile of the sake is dry and light with medium body texture. It has flavors of juicy orange citrus, wild strawberry and a hint of apricot. Sipping the sake, you’ll taste a refreshing acidity with a long finish. Ideal pairings include signature dishes like the salmon and tuna tartare; sliced yellowtail sashimi with green chili relish, ponzu and pickled garlic; or salt-grilled Branzino with spicy burnt tomato.