Olivia Munn Talks Travel, Luxury, & Her Favorite Worldwide Destinations

 Photo Credit: Joey Andrew courtesy of American Express

It’s a fact: Olivia Munn loves to travel. We discovered this fact when we caught up with The “Predator” star this week at the Luxury House by #spgamex in New York, a one night only, interactive luxury “hotel” that will bring to life the benefits of the new Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card (with cocktails, delicious bites and a live DJ set by none other than Swizz Beatz). As Munn fulfilled her duties as an AMEX spokesperson by sharing the benefits of the card, which include complimentary gold status and an annual free night award, she also discussed her top travel destinations, filming her new Starz series, “The Rook” in London and the greatest luxury of her life. Hint: It involves travel.

 Photo Credit: Joey Andrew courtesy of American Express

You’re at Luxury House with AMEX & Starwood, so let’s talk travel. What are your favorite destinations in the world and where do you love to stay?

My favorite places to travel are Kyoto and Tokyo; Turks & Caicos is amazing; Galicia Spain; and I love to travel to London. I’d really love to go to Egypt. It’s not safe right now, but one day!

What kind of traveler are you? Do you have an itinerary or go wherever the day takes you? 

I’m definitely not an itinerary travel kind of girl. I grew up in a military family, so picking up and moving around all the time is something that’s part of my DNA now. The thing I love about traveling is feeling that the world is one big revolving door and that we’re all so connected. When you’re going to other places, you get to see so much culture, the beauty of the world around us and the individuality of different cultures but at the same time we’re all human so there’s this great way that we all connect and interact. Whenever you travel you get a culture connection to humanity.

Shooting “The Rook” in London, did you actually encounter any haunted or supernatural things during your stay?

What? No one told me that. I’m so bummed. I would have loved to see haunted London!

 Photo Credit: Joey Andrew courtesy of American Express

What to you is the greatest luxury in life?

The greatest luxury in life is being able to be on a beach with warm water with all of your friends and unlimited food.

You were just honored as a female hero at the #GirlHero awards in LA. Were you proud of the honor, and does it fit? Why do you think you’re heroic?

Honestly, it’s an incredible honor for doing something that I think is very obvious, that anybody would do in my position. It’s sad to me that it’s not the norm for people, and I think that’s why they’re handing out awards for things like this. It’s actually reassuring and have a lot of hope because for organizations like the United Nations to create this award this year and give it to people like myself, it makes me feel a lot of hope for the future. With my situation in particular, usually when you speak out against something, you brace yourself for the negative flow back. In this case, what we saw immediately from social media and blogs and news from the fans is that it just kept trickling out across the world: I saw such an amazing amount of support. It’s a great feeling to know that we don’t have to be afraid to speak up for what’s right anymore.