A Sneak Peek Into The Upcoming RAW POP UP / LAB At Brickell City Centre

RAW POP UP / LAB team: Stereotank, Roses et Pivoines, George Dufournier, Joachim Perez, Glenda Puente, Germane Barnes, Sharit B. Kassab, Tam Gryn, Yasmina Lyazidi-Nasib, Indra Alam, Jeanne Canto, Aaron Alam, Home Eleven, Espuma, Valentina Hernandez.

Photo Credit: Valentina Quijada

RAW POP UP is activating an 11,500 square foot raw space into a multisensory experiential experiment at the brand new, sprawling Brickell City Centre. RAW POP UP / LAB is designed and built to be an Urban Comfort Pavilion, incorporating art, music, technology and performance art into one extraordinary experience as guests immerse themselves into the works of 30 local and international creators and performers. 

Stereotank (Creators and mini Creator)

Photo Credit: Valentina Quijada

The 11,500 square-foot space above Brickell City Centre’s La Centrale Food Hall is undergoing a transformation to showcase the dynamic works that will encompass the RAW POP UP / LAB, juxtaposing raw and unrefined platforms with thought-provoking pieces of art, or “hard” and “soft” materials, that are designed to create a complete sensory experience.

 RAW POP UP / LAB shows the value of artists as the leaders of the experience economy. In this movement, the creators take charge of their own careers as skilled and interdisciplinary entrepreneurs in a new economy where they are in demand. A portion of every ticket to RAW POP UP / LAB will be allocated to all creators and performers.  

RAW POP UP / LAB breaks the traditional “look-don’t-touch” boundaries by inviting the audience in to interact with the artwork throughout the raw space. As a whole, the different artists experiment with “hard” and “soft” materials using scaffolding as an ongoing theme throughout the space to bring the different artists together and also reinforce the ever-changing landscape of Miami and the ongoing construction—particularly in Brickell—which has been transforming the city into something completely new.

Germane Barnes (Creator) and Sharit B. Kassab (Head Architect)

“RAW POP UP / LAB is an ode to Brickell and to the city of Miami that is currently under construction. That’s why we wanted to call it an ‘Urban Comfort Pavilion’—it entails comfort within a city where you live, work and play,” said Head Curator Tam Gryn.

The new location of Brickell City Centre is an exciting addition to this event, showcasing raw transformation at its finest. “We try to find unique spaces throughout the city that are either historic buildings or new buildings that are resonating with the city. That’s why we felt Brickell City Centre was a great way to showcase this project,” said Head Architect Sharit B. Kassab.

Germane Barnes (Creator is nominated for the MoMA PS1 Young Architect’s Program (YAP) 2019 by the Dean at University of Miami. This installation is the inspiration for his submission.

Additionally, popping up in a mall is an interesting part of the message. “We feel that art is an experience rather than a valuable object,” explains Gryn. “And for a while, malls used to see it as the latter. But now things are changing and it’s very relevant within this mall in particular . . . . the best way to connect to the culture is pioneering an interactive art movement.”

In addition to the art program, the complementing music program includes national and local musicians like Brady Watt and EMAN8. Anthony Hall serves as the Music Supervisor, challenging musicians to be mobile and perform throughout RAW POP UP / LAB. This allows them to fully interact with the creators’ installations by performing on them, in them, around them and not on a traditional stage. Performance artists will be collaborating with the musicians and creators installations by providing a performance in unison with the music, bringing the space, guests and creators into one fully interactive world. 

RAW POP UP / LAB opens during the following times:

September 27 6pm – 10pm (21+) VIP + Press Preview September 28 6pm – 1am (21+) TBC
September 29 6pm – 1am (21+) TBC
September 30 12pm – 7pm (All Ages)

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RAW POP UP / LAB creators

Meet the RAW POP UP Team: 

Sharit B. Kassab (Head Architect), Tam Gryn (Head Curator), Yasmina Lyazidi-Nasib (PR + Communications Director), Valentina Hernandez (Art Director), George Dufournier (Founder), Anthony Hall (Music Supervisor), Mau Espinosa Tcherassi (Music Director), Julian Penalver (Marketing Supervisor), Valentina Quijada (Media Director), Nina Bergeret (Architect) 

Featured Creators: Stereotank, Indra Alam, Aaron Alam, Germane Barnes, Espuma, John Power, Roses et Pivoines, Axel Audio, Home Eleven, Glenda Puente, Zeynap Arolat, Sali Ferad, Jeanne Canto, Joachim Perez, and Amanda Madrigal

Featured Performers: Amanda + James, Megan Carvajal, Abby Price, Sara Ciampa, Liony Garcia, Kayla Castellon, Briana Alexis Mendez, Nathalie Varona, and Jen Clay. 

Featured Musicians: Connor Golden, Brady Watt, Zack Gray, EMAN8, Drea Rose, DJ Lumin, DJ Tony Disco, DJ Max Van de Put, DJ Purpose, and DJ Jesus Rodriguez.