Gucci’s Second Décor Collection Is For Dedicated Fans & History Buffs

Gucci's second decor collection is for maximalists.

Photo Credit: Courtesy GucciIf there’s one thing that Gucci really, truly excels at—aside from designing loafers that are universally adored and turning their logos into pieces of art—it’s creating a world of maximalism. You likely know this place well, because it’s the spot where more is more and a clash of colors and prints is preferred.

Such is the aesthetic of the second Gucci Décor collection, which rolls out this summer. A follow-up to their inaugural home design range, the chintzy chairs, snake-adorned vases, vibrant folding screens and logo pillows all include nods to recent runway designs—meaning this is, indeed, fashion for the home.

But it’s not only frivolous homewares; there’s history involved, too. Take, for example, the vases produced by Richard Ginori, a Florentine company that dates back to 1735 and is more recently known as the “Ferrari of porcelain.” There’s also the intricate capitonné porter’s chairs, inspired by similar designs used in England and France in the 16th-century—however, the modern Gucci versions can be ordered in leather or velvet and take 64 hours to create.

The capitonné porter’s chairs, which take 64 hours to create.
The capitonné porter’s chairs, which take 64 hours to create.

Photo Credit: Courtesy GucciThere are plenty of items that will delight even the most devoted Gucci fan, including the turquoise folding table and the magenta mug, both of which are emblazoned with the words “Urtica Ferox.” This would simply be a reference to a leafy plant to mere mortals, but anyone with intimate knowledge of the label will know that it’s also a reference to gifts given to the guests at Gucci’s 2018 cruise show, which was held in Florence, Italy. Even creative director Alessandro Michele’s two Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso, make a cameo in the collection, on an embroidered cushion.

Alessandro Michele's dogs, Bosco and Orso, embroidered on a pillow.
Alessandro Michele’s dogs, Bosco and Orso, embroidered on a pillow.

Photo Credit: Courtesy GucciThe collection is timed perfectly with the maximalist trend in home décor, which has ushered in yet another era of punchy patterns, gold adornments, and a welcome variety of textures. Because if you’re going to do bold printed wallpaper, why not make it Gucci? Pick between swans on a hot pink background or a very loud floral print—either are sure to delight your interior designer. Should you want to try the trend on a much smaller scale, start out with one of the incense holders decorated with 3D beetles or bees offered in five scents.

The beauty of the collection is that it was intended to work in any home, regardless of the existing design ethos. “There is no intention here to prescribe a particular interiors look, but instead, Gucci seeks to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized,” the brand explains.

Photo Credit: Courtesy GucciVisit any Gucci store to see these new pieces—but don’t expect to find a dedicated home section. Instead, these pieces will be woven throughout the boutiques, proving that the world of Gucci is indeed, maximalist through and through.