Eataly NYC Downtown To Host Wine, Beer & Street Food Festival

Street Food Fest Eataly DT 2Photo Credit: Eataly

Get your appetite ready because on Friday, July 27 from 6-8PM, Eataly NYC Downtown is hosting a Wine, Beer & Street Food Festival.

Guests can escape the summer heat inside Eataly and enjoy typical Italian street foods like Suppli, Porchetta, and Brisket Meatballs alongside local and Italian beers, a selection of sparkling, white, red, and rosé wines, and cocktails such as Montenegro Mules.

All access bracelets are $60 for a two-hour unlimited tasting event including 10 street food dishes and over 20 wines, beers and cocktails; tickets can be purchased here.

Street Food Fest Eataly DT 8Photo Credit: Eataly

A preview of the menu is as follows:

Supplì al Telefono | deep-fried carnaroli rice, housemade mozzarella, Grana Padano DOP, and butter
This typical Roman street food is described as supplì “al telefono” because when you pull one of the rice croquettes apart, long strings of mozzarella stretch between halves, much like an old-school telephone.

Farinata | chickpea flour “pancake”
A favorite fish served up and down the coast of Liguria in pizzerias and bakeries, farinata is made by blending and baking three simple ingredients: chickpea flour, olive oil, and salt.

Salsicca e Peperoni | Grilled housemade sausage on a bed of sautéed red, yellow, and green peppers
Salsiccia e peperoni is a classic Italian street food often served during street food festivals and barbecues.

Porchetta Panino | Freshly baked bread with house-roasted pork loin
A common street food in Rome or Lazio, porchetta is usually considered a celebratory food served on public festivals holidays.

Panino con lesso alla picchiapò | Shredded beef, tomato, and basil served on freshly baked Eataly bread
A typical snack in Rome, “lesso alla picciapò” is boiled beef, slowly cooked with onions, tomatoes, herbs, and spices until soft and tender.

Sfincione | thick Sicilian pizza made with tomato, onions, breadcrumbs, and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
You can find this unique pizza in Palermo’s open-air markets and street vendors.

Focaccia Barese | Housemade focaccia with fresh tomatoes, olives, and oregano
Typical of Bari in Puglia, this special bread is served out of bakeries and often enjoyed as a snack while walking the narrow streets of Bari.

Polpette | Braised brisket meatballs
Often found in bàcari, or Venetian wine bars, polpette are the ultimate snack to pair with a glass of vino!

Location: Marketplace 4 World Trade Center, Floor 3 New York City NY 10007