5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Learn To Box From Gloveworx Founder Leyon Azubuike

 Photo Credit: Gloveworx

In this time of female self-empowerment and equal rights, every woman should learn to stand up for herself—both mentally, verbally and physically… which is why (in our opinion, at least) every woman should learn to box: learning self-protection and strength makes us feel straight up powerful. And if you’re looking for the place to get your tough on, we have just the place to do it.

Cue Gloveworx, a premier state-of-the-art boxing studio and athletic performance facility with locations in Santa Monica and now, newly, Century City, California. The studios offer a variety of personalized boxing, strength, and conditioning fitness experiences in a fun and team-oriented setting (the latter features a full-size competition ring for boxing workouts and a customized turf area for functional strength, the facility features heavy bags, speed bags, VersaClimbers, Woodway treadmills, Olympic lifting racks and platforms, and a full complement of resistance training equipment). Through genuine care and attention, coaches aim to motivate and push trainees to become unstoppable.

We sat down with Gloveworx founder Leyon Azubuike, former US Nationals heavyweight competitor and two-year Temple University football captain, who gave us five reasons why every woman should learn how to box. 


Leyon Azubuike
Leyon Azubuike

1) Boxing is the perfect full body workout for women, covering strength, conditioning, and cardio. This helps all contenders improve their overall athleticism, leaving them ready for anything. Women will feel empowered knowing they can climb those stairs and lift their own body weight, eventually building trust in their body, knowing that it has the ability to get them through whatever life throws their way.

2) Boxing can empower women by making them feel strong. It is both an offensive and defensive art. This sport teaches you to anticipate what’s coming, and handle anything in a moment of stress. It teaches you to focus through the chaos, and ground yourself in solution-based thinking.

3) Boxing requires discipline. The workout is challenging, but it teaches women that their bodies can always do more than they may believe they are capable of. When you show up for yourself over and over again, you build those muscles. You’ll start to see that commitment and discipline is in all aspects of life.

4) Boxing requires that you are always focused and bringing your A-game. Over time, it improves hand-eye coordination. Whether you are sparring or not, there is never a moment where you can lose focus.
Knowing that you can defend yourself brings a sense of peace. It boosts a woman’s sense of confidence when she walks down the street or when she enters a boardroom meeting.

5) Boxing is a FUN workout for women and men alike. Taking the time to do something that challenges you and is joyful at the same time gives you another coping skill to add to your toolkit. When you’re having a bad day, or going through a difficult time, getting in the ring and letting out your aggression always makes you feel better afterwards. Most importantly, boxing is a vehicle for women to achieve their greatest potential. It turns all contenders, women and men, into athletes. You can’t box without getting fit!

Gloveworx is located at Westfield Century City,10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067