Joaquin Phoenix Will Be Playing Joker In New Upcoming Film

Joaquin Phoenix Will Be Playing Joker In New Upcoming FilmPhoto Credit: @Joaquin__Phoenix

The word is out. Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the role of Joker in an upcoming film but will he be able to pull it off? Heath Ledger has made it very hard for anyone to take his crown.

Warner Bros. announced that it was planning for another Joker production with Todd Phillips as director and co-writer along with Scott Silver, and Martin Scorsese as producer Variety reports. Negotiations have yet to be made but Phillips, director of The Hangover, has chosen Phoenix as his top choice.

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Those who have played the role of the sinister Joker have failed to succeed the brilliance and commitment of Heath Ledger. It has been speculated by film buffs that Ledger’s commitment to the sadistic Joker is what ultimately contributed to his death though his family denies any relation. But, Phoenix is no stranger to method acting too and snapping out of them…at some point.

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Do you remember when he carried on his I’m Still Here character for two years back in 2009? Phoenix wore a full beard, sunglasses, and unresponsive demeanor at red carpets and late night shows. His appearance on Late Night Show with David Letterman in 2009 was incredibly awkward.