Hussong’s Cantina Is Celebrating Its Las Vegas Anniversary With This Historic Cocktail

Hussong'sAlambrePhoto Credits: HUSSONG’S CANTINA

Be prepared to celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Hussong’s Cantina in Las Vegas this Friday, Jan. 19.

You’ll be surprised to know that 125 years later, Hussong’s Cantina has not only lasted and expanded but it is said to be the origin of the “Margarita” cocktail.

Established in 1941 in Ensenada, Mexico, bartender Don Carlos Orozco created a mixture for the daughter of the German Ambassador to Mexico, Margarita Henkel. The mixture was made of Tequila, damiana (the ancient Aztec leaf), and lime served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. Orozco decided to name it after Henkel.


“The story is on record in the Ensenada Historical Society and was verified by Margarita Henkel herself a few years back,” according to Hussong’s Cantina and the book 12 Cocktails Good and True: All About The Twelve Classic Cocktails by author Nigel Bob Collins.


This is your chance to join and cheers to the iconic restaurant that brought us the “Margarita” with a celebratory toast at 8PM at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place on The Las Vegas Strip. Hussong’s Cantina will be offering “The Original Margarita” (made the same way it was served to Margarita Henkel) for only $8 and corn bites for 88 cents. The event will also have a rock n’ roll mariachi band playing from 6PM to 10PM.

Hussong’s Cantina has locations in Mexico, including Ensenada, and an additional location in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada.