3 Classes To Get You Into Your Best Shape In 2018 At Miami’s Anatomy At 1220

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Whether you’re keeping fit in the New Year by going dry for January, reworking your fitness regimen or just trying to shed some of the post-holiday vacation weight, Miami’s celeb-favorite gym Anatomy at 1220 has just the fix to transform you to look your best in 2018. With these three classes, the top experts from the gym share their pro tips on how to see the best results. Here’s everything you need to know: 

The Class: Booty Blast with Alessandra

The scoop:

In Miami, we’re lucky enough to have bikini weather all year round. That’s why it’s important to focus on not only one of the most important muscles of the body but also one of the most prominent: the glutes. BOOTY BLAST is the perfect way to tone these muscles and get rid of any fat that’s keeping you from feeling your best. The high-energy, intense class focuses on developing, sculpting and strengthening the booty using various movements and equipment—while also having a good time. You’ll work up a sweat using ankle weights, bands and body bars—it definitely will not be easy but the results will show in no time. “I love making workouts fun and challenging. Your lower body will never be the same after BOOTY BLAST!” said Alessandra.

The Class: Get Jacq’d with Jacqueline 

The scoop:

If you’re looking for something broader in scope, this class is perfect for toning and strengthening the muscles throughout your entire body. Start your morning off on the beautiful rooftop deck of the gym as you take part in the high-intensity group class. It incorporates resistance training, explosive movements and will challenge you to both look and feel your very best. One of Jacqueline’s favorite elements of the experience is the concept of working together to accomplish your goals rather than making it a solo challenge. “The camaraderie among the members that come to the class is something that can’t be explained. The vibe is contagious and creates a very special team experience,” she shares.

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The Class: The Gun Show with Roberto Guzman

The scoop:

If you’re at the more advanced level of fitness and really want to build up your muscle definition, then Roberto Guzman’s Gun Show class is for you. The class is geared toward increasing muscle endurance and definition featuring circuit training of deltoids, biceps and triceps utilizing different equipment for maximum results. “I love pushing members to their limits and beyond!” he shares. “You can push yourself further than you ever thought. Join me in this class and come see what the hype is all about!”

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