Federico Fiorentino And Van Oossanen Create XL-300 Sport Super Yacht

Super yachts are imposing, but nothing beats a super yacht that is not only large but also very fast! With the new XL-300 Sport, future clients can enjoy the best of both worlds. Based on the Fast Displacement XL  concept, they will be able to enjoy maximum length, high performance, and superior concept.

XL-300 Sport_1 copy
The hull is an evolution of Van Oossanen’s Fast Displacement Hull Form, which for the XL-300 Sport has a length of 47.5 meters. What is even more extraordinary is not only the length but also the top speed that it is capable of, which is 29 knots, while the draft is only 6 feet. The super yacht gets the power for this outstanding performance from twin 2600hp diesel engines. When speed doesn’t matter too much, you have a generous cruising range of 3.500 nautical miles at 12 knots.

XL-300 Sport_4 copy
The new hull construction also allows for far more space, especially on the exterior decks. This gives clients ample room for a generously sized pool, sun deck, as well as lounge area’s and out door dining areas.  Federico Fiorentino was responsible for the exterior styling, giving the XL-300 Sport a dynamic and imposing look. Sleek lines give the super yacht an agile look, although this is in part a clever optical illusion as it is still quite a substantial yacht, with plenty of room to enjoy and relax.

XL-300 Sport_2 copy
The XL-300 Sport features five staterooms and can accommodate ten guests, which includes a generous owner’s suite on the main deck. Next, to the infinity pool, sundeck and lounging area’s at the aft decks of the super yacht, the foredeck offers a helipad, while at the side there is a garage with ample room for two jet skis as well as a tender of 6.25 meters.