Le Coq Rico Is Taking Brunch To The Next Level With Their Egg-Bow

Completed DishPhoto Credit: Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico or The Bistro of Beautiful Birds is changing the way you order eggs at breakfast in a way you don’t want to miss. 

Introducing the “Egg-bow“, an intricate brunch menu that allows diners to choose, table side, from a rainbow selection of heritage-breed, Hudson Valley pasture-raised eggs hand selected by Three Michelin Star Chef Antoine Westermann.

Chef Westermann, who is always working close to the terroir will offer vitamin-rich eggs that he hand-selected from small family famers in Hudson Valley, inviting diners to share his tasting adventure.

The relationships Le Coq Rico has harbored with providers, and the quality specifications followed, have allowed the bistro to offer the most exclusive farm-to-table poultry products, straight from the source. 

le ricoPhoto Credit: Le Coq Rico

The rare brown and blue pastured eggs will be offered sunny-side up au naturel, or served with mushroom fricassée and angel-hair potatoes. Both come with your choice of heritage breed: 

 * Welsummer: Originating from the Dutch town of Welsum, these friendly birds are widely known for their large terra-cotta eggs with brown speckles 

* Ameraucana: An American bird descended from a Chilean breed of the same name which produce vividly colored blue-green eggs 

* Delaware: Developed in 1940 as the premier American broiler fowl, these birds lay light-brown-colored eggs

* Cuckoo Maran: This breed of chickens originated from the South-Western region of France known as Poitou-Charentes and were developed stateside in the 1920s; they produce dark-chocolate-colored eggs

Le Coq Rico is located at 30 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003 and reservations can be made online.