Most Extravagant Cocktails to Indulge in on National Tequila Day

It seems like every day there’s another trendy holiday that the world is unnecessarily celebrating. There’s a Blame Someone Else Day, Flag Day, Talk like a Pirate Day, and just last week there was a National Apple Turnover Day. With so many days asking to be celebrated it makes you wish you could just have a day for drinking. Well luckily there is. July 24th is Tequila Day. The one day of the year where spending a Monday afternoon downing some margaritas is seen as festive. So, for those looking to celebrate another holiday, or just have a reason to extend your weekend fun, these are the top destinations for this year’s Tequila Day.

Where: Byblos Miami

What to get: Habibi Marguerite

Byblos Miami -Habibi Marguerite

The Eastern Mediterranean-themed restaurant doesn’t just serve exotic meze dishes in a colorful room and patio, it also serves the most exotic Margarita in the South Beach area. The Habibi Marguerite is a spiked strawberry tea that pays homage to the Eastern Mediterranean twist on Margaritas. Containing Chili-Spiced Strawberry Tea, Cilantro, lime, and of course, tequila. This Margarita elevates the realm tequila exists in.

Where: Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach

What to get: Cucumber Watermelon Amigo

Hyde Beach - Cucumber Watermelon Amigo (1)

This poolside lounge is your oasis from the South Beach heat, and its Cucumber Watermelon Amigo is your best amigo when trying to cool off. The drink contains tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, simple syrup, watermelon cubes, and thin cucumber slices. The drink is also served in an extraordinary 60 oz. pitcher so there will be plenty to go around if you’re feeling generous.

Where: Leynia at Delano

What to get: Jasmine’s Margarita

Leynia at Delano - Jasmine's Margarita

A Margarita with Steak may sound a little odd at first, but given the chance, Leynia will prove there’s a method to their madness. Leynia looks to show the sweeter side of a Margarita and Steak combo. Adding pomegranate, lime, and lemon into the mix the drink goes to show that margaritas are drinks that have some serious longevity.


What to get: Pineapple Express Cocktail

Pineapple Express

Cue disturbing yet charming Seth Rogan laugh. All jokes aside, this cocktail does enjoy taking those who drink it to the next level, which seems fitting for a Southeastern Asian restaurant that is about three stories tall. Both the indoor and outdoor lounges are fitting scenes for this savory drink which mixes tequila with pineapple, thai chili agave, and mezcal mist.

Where: Shelborne South Beach

What to get: Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunrise

It wouldn’t be a true tequila day without being by a pool at some point, and Shelborne’s oceanfront pool view is the perfect setting to try their Tequila Sunset. The drink’s tequila is accompanied by pineapple, pomegranate, and serrano peppers. The perfect blend of sweet and spicy that will have even the most seasoned taste buds booming.

Where: Bagatelle

What to get: Despacito Cocktail


Can you have a cocktail in Miami without having a lychee? Bagatelle’s ‘Despacito’ Cocktail says no, and perfectly integrates the iconic fruit into a refreshing drink. Besides tequila and lychee purée, the Cocktail is also made with triple sec and lime juice. How else would you celebrate this national holiday?

Where: Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

What to get: Pico Picante Cocktail

Pico y Picante

Now we may sound like an enabler at this point, but is it really a tequila fiesta without jalapeños? The Pico Picante Cocktail is made with tequila, lime, cucumber juice and jalapeño syrup. A cocktail with a sizzling kick made by Bodega Taqueria y Tequila, a funky joint that specializes in tequila drinks. Who else would you trust with such a combination?

Where: Ricky’s South Beach

What: O.D.B Till You Can’t See


This one will take an army, so make sure you’re not celebrating tequila day alone. Gather up the troops and pick from any 3 unique gallon containers that are filled with a tequila infused drink. Serrano infused tequila, pear liqueur, watermelon, sage, lemon and agave, the over the top drink will leave you and your comrades in high spirits.