5 Haute Texas Tequilas to Drink on National Tequila Day

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July 24th is National Tequila day and taking into consideration the grand affection and popularity of Mexican food in Texas, it’s no surprise that Texans have learned a thing or two about tequila. Playfully referred to as cactus juice, before making its metamorphosis into the popular, smooth, full-bodied beverage it begins its journey in the red volcanic soils of Mexico, which are well suited to grow blue agave.

The rows of jagged, spiky leaves create an infinite field of starbursts that dot the horizon before they are harvested to become one of the four categories of tequila including, silver, gold, reposado or anejo. Although in order for a spirit to be called tequila it must be made in Mexico that has not managed to stop Texas from creating their very own. In 1978 Mexico established a law that set the standard of where and how tequila had to be made. Now there are thousands of brands saturating the market that are produced by only a few hundred Mexican tequila distilleries; and Texas has a strong presence.

From making the perfect shot to a delicious margarita, Haute Living found the top 5 Texas Tequilas that are guaranteed to make you yell Viva la Mexico!







Inspired by Austin's vibrant cultural scene, in 2007 Scott Willis founded Tequila 512. Wanting to create a brand that combined the soul of the area with the rich history of tequila Willis began researching distilleries in Mexico. Soon the Austinite, found a business partner to share in his venture and they created several experimental batches from which they landed the perfect recipe. Today he has one of the most successful brands of tequila in Texas and in an ode to his beloved city his tequila, like Austin, is high quality without the pretense.


One of the smoothest tequilas in the world Pura Vida's story begins in 1923 under the meticulous care of the Agaveros in the heart of one of Mexico's most prolific agave producing regions. It was with the 4th generation of Agaveros that the initial stages were set for the birth of Pura Vida Tequila. Stewart Skloss the founder of the coveted brand went back these treasured roots and his days growing up in Nuevo Laredo to follow his dream of making one of the best tequilas in the world. Today, what began as an aspiration and small company now is poised for greatness with award winning flavor profiles and a growing presence nationwide.
Pura Vida, 2001 Kirby Drive, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77019, 713.965.7120


Sourced from 100% organic agave from the Los Altos highlands in the Tequila region of Mexico, this agave is pure, powerful and free of any additives. The Dulce Vida brand is the only 100 Proof, USDA organic tequila in the world, is nationally recognized and earns top awards in numerous competitions. As an award winning ,over-proofed spirit, the company has successful achieved their objective of making a truly remarkable tequila.
Dulce Vida Spirits, 11310 W. Highway 290, Austin, TX 78737, 512.697.4000


Like the state it’s named after, this spirit is crafted with a sense of deep determination and rebellion. Distilled from blue agave from Jalisco, Mexico, the Republic Tequila's Extra Añejo is one of the most celebrated tequilas. Aged in one of eight carefully selected, charred, oak bourbon barrels for three years the result is a tequila that is rich in color, smooth and flavorful. Capturing a fierce and independent soul in each bottle, the tequila lives up to its namesake with bold flavors that keeps patrons coming back for more.
Deep in the Heart of Texas


Made in San Leon, Texas, Railean Tequilas is one of the few that have actual ownership of their distillery in the USA. Launched in 2011 in order to compete with some of Mexico's finest tequilas, Railean handcrafted, El Perico, the first American agave spirit made from 100% Blue Agave. Currently Railean makes different categories of tequila including, silver and reposado. The Silver is clear, smooth with a hint of natural sweetness. The Reposado possesses a unique flavor profile and golden hue due to being rested and aged in recycled rum barrels.
Raliean Distillery, 341 5th Street, San Leon, Texas 77539, 713.545.2742
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