Dacor Brings the Tech-Forward Kitchen of Your Dreams to Life

Dacor products are featured in one of the original Painted Ladies

Remodeling your kitchen? Might we recommend the home appliance maker Dacor? The brand was founded 52 years ago and its name stands for Distinctive Appliances Incorporated. It’s known for being the first company to introduce a ceramic gas broiler inside a convection oven and for creating the first outdoor grill with halogen lights and a warming oven. Last year, Dacor was acquired by Samsung who is taking the luxury appliance maker to the next level. Decor’s designs are contemporary, sleek, and durable. There are two unique lines: the modernist, which brings innovative technology into your kitchen, and the heritage, which is a more classic collection of ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Here are 11 reasons why we’re dreaming of designing a Dacor kitchen.

  • The modernist line, which launched in March, gives the sometimes overused stainless steel a sophisticated makeover. Its been recast in a dramatic graphite color that presents a nice contrast to white Italian marble, which is such a popular countertop with interior designers.
  • The column refrigerator comes in four sizes (18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-inch), so it can fit into any kitchen design project, large or small.
  • There is a video camera inside the fridge that is connected to a smartphone app. When you’re at the grocery store and wondering how much butter you have, you can take a look inside the fridge by using the app. How genius is that?!
  • The freezer has two different ice makers, so cocktail enthusiasts can experiment with unique ice shapes.
  • All of the products have a true flush design which means that they blend seamlessly within kitchen cabinetry.
  • The ovens are instant start, so there is no need to preheat. They automatically turn on to the desired temperature making cooking more efficient.
  • The LED lighting is not only alluring, but practical. It ensures that the actual color of a roasting item (be it a chicken or rainbow carrots) is clearly visible through the oven door.
  • All of the induction stove tops have a variety of burner options. We love the pretty copper ones.
  • The stove tops also have an electric griddle that’s easy to remove and clean—perfect for cooking things like pancakes and fish.
  • The canopy hoods, that come in different sizes, are smart hoods. When they detect heat emanating from the cooktop, they automatically turn on.
  • If accidentally blown out, gas burners auto ignite ensuring that nothing stops cooking.

What’s your preferred ultra-premium kitchen appliance maker?