Simply Fit Meals: Dallas’ Haute Nutritional Food Service

Simply Fit Meals

In a perfect world people would fit all servings of food groups into each meal and dinner would always be pre-planned and pre-prepped. But living in the real world is a far cry from perfect and humans have meticulously set out to find creative and fun ways to adapt to their less than desirable predicament. Simply Fit Meals is a healthy food service that combines fresh, organic and cutting edge nutritional guidance into every dish offered to the clients that walk through their doors.

Started by two Texas guys that went to college together, Simply Fit Meals is inspired by a concept to create healthy food made easy and convenient. Working with nutritionist the founders made it their priority to create a a menu of healthy, great tasting, nutrient rich dishes, that could be available and ready to eat within minutes.

Simply Fit Meals doesn’t only feature ready-to-go meals but has a full selection of freshly pressed juices and smoothies. In order to have the freshest seasonal ingredients they offer a rotating menu, with over fifty different options that offer snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For clients that would like a customizable meal plan they offer different selections that can cater to any specific need including a juice cleanse for those strictly interested in juicing.

Committed to their vision of providing healthy meals in a matter of minutes, no matter what time of day you visit their retail stores, their delicious dishes are available and ready to go home with you.

There is no membership required to partake in all the advantages and perks offered by Simply Fit Meals, you only need to stop into one of their eight locations in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex. Currently, they do not offer a delivery service but have partnered with a local delivery service called FAVOR.

The eight locations can be found in Fort Worth, Uptown Dallas, Plano and Frisco. Please visit:

Simply Fit Meals is quickly becoming one of Dallas’ most sought after food service concepts and with its affordable prices and accessibility to Chef inspired recipes with unique flavor profiles have managed to make convenient meals more common than rare.



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