Pro Tips: 5 Haute Ways to Vanish Varicose Veins


In Miami, it’s pretty typical to spot shorts and lightweight dresses on women all year long. But as the summer months heat up, it’s only natural to see even more clothing shed. Maxi dresses and “thicker” blouses just don’t make the cut anymore, which means that skin is often left exposed for all to see. If you have beautifully even, bronzed skin, perhaps this isn’t much of a concern for you. But chances are, you probably have at least one insecurity regarding your skin, and varicose veins tend to be at the top of the list for many women.

Regardless of your workout and diet regime, wearing tiny pieces of fabric can rightfully make any woman feel uncomfortable, especially if your legs seem overpowered with “spider veins.” These veins might take away from your toned physique and can accentuate the many colors that lay under your skin. Unfortunately, varicose veins are often caused by genetics, but certain lifestyle choices, such as obesity and smoking, can increase your chances of getting them. Staying active and dry brushing are great ways to increase blood flow to help avoid these veins, but if you already have them, here are the best tips for making them disappear!

Compression Stockings

Using compression stockings a few nights a week can help relieve the pain and swelling that varicose veins cause. By squeezing the veins, these stalkings increase circulation, which can ultimately decrease the appearance of them over time.


The power of a good tan should never be underestimated! While it won’t permanently vanish your varicose veins, an even tan can help minimize the appearance of them. Spray tanning and self-tanning both can do the trick!

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both effective in ridding varicose veins. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, while Vitamin E improves circulation. These power nutrients can be added to your routine through the use of serums, supplements or super foods.

If you’re looking for a more permanent option, these last two tips are treatments that can leave lasting results, which means that you’ll have perfect skin for many summers to come!


Sclerotherapy is a common procedure used to collapse the veins with an injection, making them permanently disappear. Typically, only two or three sessions are needed for a maximized outcome.

Laser Treatment

Vascular laser treatment is another great option for spider veins but typically requires several sessions to see results. This treatment works best with smaller spider veins, as it is more difficult for larger veins to absorb the wavelength from the laser.