Haute Secrets: Giving A Voice To The Voiceless, Phyllis Comu

Animal Lover and Philanthropist, Phyllis Comu

For Phyllis Comu, it’s not difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when she decided to make protecting animals a life long ambition. Growing up in Dallas, TX her deep love for animals emerged when she was just a little girl. One day on a walk with her father, they discovered a cardboard box in the middle of a railroad track. Peering inside, they were left shocked and dumbfounded by what what they discovered. Someone had left a box full of innocent Basset Hound puppies to their demise. Phyllis could not comprehend how someone could commit such an atrocious act and took the puppies home with her, where she helped adopt them to good homes and even kept one that she named Clyde. This experience became the turning point to her legacy in becoming an advocate for animals and helped pave the way to making a real difference in the world.

Not sure of how to turn a passion into a career, after attending the University of Texas, Phyllis explored opportunities to work in both the travel and floral design industries. It wasn’t long before she realized where her ambitions and heart belonged. Now, for the past 15 years, she has become a resourceful leader of animal advocacy in her community and has served a number of charitable animal organizations in the DFW area including, PETA, Legacy Boxer Rescue, Operation Kindness and the SPCA of Texas. Phyllis is also the former Chair of the 2015 SPCA of Texas “Paws Cause” and is the present Chair for the 2016 SPCA  of Texas “Fur Ball” Gala at the Omni Hotel in Dallas TX on September 24, 2016.

Along with her charitable work for animals, Phyllis also supports a number of non profits and is the President of Karma for Pets, a business she founded that provides charms that bring good luck to pets. She serves on the Host Committee for the 2016 “Art from the Heart Celebrity Art Auction and Benefit,” is a member of The Women’s Council of the Dallas Arboretum, Les Femmes du Monde, Fashion Group International, American Heart Association, Kidney Texas and The Dallas Museum of Art. 

Although all animals are dear to her heart, Phyllis is a canine enthusiast. Her and her husband CJ Comu, Founder & Chairman of EarthWater Inc., are the proud parents of two rescue Boxers named Turk and Roxy. When speaking to Phyllis it’s difficult not to share in her infectious enthusiasm for supporting exploited animals. She pours her heart into every endeavor large or small, if it means that an animal will have a better life and by giving a voice to the voiceless, Phyllis Comu has made the world a much better place, not only for them; but for all of us.


Phyllis Comu and Tinkerbell
Phyllis Comu and Tinkerbell

What is behind your passion for helping and protecting animals? Animals are my greatest love on this Earth. I can’t imagine living without having the opportunity to help animals. I feel it’s not only my responsibility but all people that can, should.

How do you decide which organizations /non profits to support? I mirror my choice of charity from my mother and grandmother and what they instilled in me. But my love is animal charities.

What’s your favorite animal? Dogs-but I love the Boxers most!

What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you? I love heavy metal music.

Tell us about your pets? Turk is a male rescue Boxer, age 4 and Roxy is a female rescue Boxer, age 2.

What would be your dream project? To get human beings to be more loving toward pets.

What important message do people need to learn about animal rescue programs? People need to know it’s not just about dogs and cats but all animals on Earth.

Favorite Quote to Live By/Mantra: ” Love, Empathy, Respect are very important. I use these in all aspects of my Life….It takes nothing away from a human to be nice to an animal”

Where were you born: I was born in Dallas, TX

How long have lived in Dallas: All my life 

Neighborhood: I grew up in Highland Park but now reside in Addison TX

Occupation: President of Karma For Pets and Charity work with SPCA of Texas 

Favorite Restaurant: Cafe Pacific

Best Italian: Antontio’s in Addison, TX

Best Sunday brunch: Grand Lux at the Galleria

Best place for a power business meeting: My home 

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? Hotel ZaZa

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: I enjoy shopping at the Mall and Stores such as; Neimans, BELK, Vintage Martini and Macy’s

Best Spa: Grand Spa

Favorite Charity Event(s): Fur Ball 2016, Mad Hatter’s Luncheon, Cancer Blows, FASHIONISTAS and DIFFA

Best Steakhouse: Houston’s Restaurant

Best Pizza: Fratelli’s

Best Lunch: Rise

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: I walk in my neighborhood with my Dogs

Best Limousine/Driving Service: UBER

Best Museum/Exhibit: Dallas Museum Art (DMA)

Describe your city in three words: Dog Friendly – Fashionable – Southern

All-around favorite spot in Dallas: Klyde Warren Park

Best Aspect of Dallas: The People

How do you spend your downtime? With my Husband & Dogs

What’s your favorite quote? “You get what you give.”

What’s your greatest accomplishment: 16 year marriage & my peace of mind!

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