Meet the Newest Spirit on the Market: Reilly’s Whiskey

Ginger Jab 2

As the whiskey aficionados we are, we’re always searching for the next best whiskey libation out there. Behold, Reilly’s Whiskey. Reilly’s Whiskey arrived on the scene in 2014, and has quickly become one of the most sought after whiskies on the market. Thus far the American made, with Irish heritage, whiskey has two flavors: Mother’s Milk and Ginger Rocky & Rye. We interviewed Byron Schreckengost, VP Sales & Marketing, to get you the skinny on Reilly’s Whiskey.

When did Reilly’s Whiskey officially launched?
We started the project in late 2011, and finally got to market/launched in November 2014.  It was founded by a group of spirits enthusiasts that loved the idea of whiskey but couldn’t quite handle the burn of most whiskeys out there.

Where did it launch?
Dallas, TX

Where is Reilly’s Whiskey produced?
Butte, Montana

What is the production process like?
Reilly’s Mother’s Milk
Three-year-old bourbon-aged in 53-gallon new American oak barrels.  Prior to bottling it is blended with a small amount of Potcheen aka Irish Moonshine, which we purchase and bring over in Totes from Ireland.

Reilly’s Ginger Rock & Rye
Our rye has a high corn percentage in the mash bill, which makes it slightly sweeter than most ryes out there.  We then let that age 2.5 years- dump the barrels into a tank, where we dissolve a little bit of rock sugar and infuse ginger.  We don’t age the whiskey with the ginger- it’s infused just before bottling- which gives it a fresh spicy pop.

Best way to consume Reilly’s Whiskey?
For Mother’s Milk, it is best neat, but it also makes an excellent old fashioned. As for Ginger, on the rocks or as a chilled shot.

How do you separate Reilly’s Whiskey from the competition?
We created Reilly’s as a “gateway whiskey.”  It’s very smooth and easy to consume. For people that want to explore the wonderful world of whiskeys, Reilly’s is a delicious first step. David Pickerell, former Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, and currently Master Distiller at Whistepig, was deeply involved in product development for Reilly’s. Also, Mother’s Milk is the only whiskey on the market that has potcheen in it, while Ginger is the only Ginger Rock & Rye on the market.

If you’re interested in trying Reilly’s Whiskey, and trust us you will want to, you can order it here. Below are five cocktail recipes from the brand.

Mother’s Mule


2oz Reilly’s Mother’s Milk
¼ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
¼ oz. Simple Syrup
Ginger Beer

Build in a rocks glass, top with ginger beer, and garnish with candied ginger and lime wedge.

Reilly’s Regret


2¼ oz. Reilly’s Mother’s Milk
3¼ oz. Grand Marnier
1 ½ teaspoons orange juice
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Add one or two dashes of angostura bitters shaken over ice and served in a martini glass.

Key Lime Rye


2 oz. Reilly’s Ginger Rock & Rye
1 oz.Fresh Lime Juice

Pour ingredients into shaker, fill with ice and shake well until chilled. Strain into coup glass and garnish with candied ginger and a lime wedge.

Ginger Jab


1½ oz. Reilly’s Ginger Rock & Rye
1 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequilla
1 oz. Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Shake and pour over ice in a rocks glass. Top with soda water and a squeeze of lime.

The Spiffy Griffy

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.24.41 AM

¾ oz. lemon
¾ oz. simple syrup
2 oz. Reilly’s Ginger Rock & Rye

Muddle a strawberry and a cucumber slice. Shake and serve in a mint julep glass.