Haute Guide To The Best Tresses In The US, Coast-To-Coast

Finding a good colorist and stylist can be difficult. Especially if you travel a lot. No worries though! We’ve compiled a list of salons and colorists/stylists that are some of the best in the field.

Below is a list of some of our favorite specialists in the US and where to find them. This list will ensure you will never have to worry about having a bad color or cut experience, wherever you are. 

New York City:

Salon: Warren Tricomi
Colorist: Victoria Van Bakergem
Victoria Van Bakergem is the master colorist at Warren Tricomi in NYC at the Plaza Hotel. She is the only person owner Edward Tricomi will allow to color his hair. Victoria is a great listener, and is able to deliver results that are above and beyond what is expected; she is also a maestro at balayage. If you are in New York City, she is the only person who should color your hair.

Los Angeles

Salon: Ramirez Tran
Colorist: Erin McCay
Stylist: Erin McCay
Erin McCay is a double whammy. She is an incredible colorist and stylist. She creates beautiful, natural colors, takes your complexion coloring into consideration, and makes sure the process is very controlled and delicate. She is also great at shaping your hair, making it healthy without losing length.
Before and After:




Salon: IGK
Colorist: Jennifer Taylor
Stylist: Leo Izquierdo
While in Miami IGK is one of the only places to go. Jennifer Taylor is the Master Colorist who is responsible for the beautiful color of many very successul models. After your color make sure to see the owner, and my favorite stylist Leo Izquierdo. He is great at giving the perfect amount of texture and shape for your hair type.