Haute 5 Most Sexy Hotel Bars in Dallas

World class spas and luxury suites are no longer the only reason to reserve a stay at a posh hotel. Whether offering a spectacular view of the skyline or the perfect setting to people watch, hotel bars are quickly becoming the place to convene for cocktails and conversation. Gone are the days when the words hotel bar were synonymous with antiquated furnishings or less than favorable company. Today, a hotel is not complete without a swanky bar and savvy hoteliers have taken notice by creating stunningly unique and sexy spaces that cater to the locals just as much as to the weary business traveler. Dark mahogany woods, fireplaces and chic decor set the mood in creating the perfect mingling spot to sip on signature libations. Not only do hotel bars exude a certain magnetic sexiness on any given day of the week, today they are a sought after haute spot. So the next time you find yourself entertaining out of town guests and they wonder where they should stay, make it a win win for everyone and suggest a hotel with of one of Haute Living’s 5 Most Sexy Hotel Bars. Cheers!