Talbot Runhof Designer Johnny Talbot’s Desktop Essentials


Johnny Talbot has redesigned his life. The Nashville-born co-founder of fashion line Talbot Runhof started his career as an electrical engineer, going from the Pentagon to radio-free Europe in Munich, where his encounter with Adrian Runhof inspired him to throw in the engineering towel and pursue a career in fashion. Johnny is the mastermind behind the intricate construction and mathematical precision of each and every Talbot Runhof piece. Here, this fashion guru shares an inside look at where he creates his intricately engineered designs and what items he has on his desk.

1. A picture of Cooper, our border terrier

2. A cup of cold coffee – I never had a hot cup of coffee in my life

3. Fisherman’s Friend

4. A perpetual pile of fabric swatches and color cards

5. Mykita glasses

6. At least a dozen mechanical pencils and a large eraser

7. My bundle of keys with a GPS tracker – I lose my keys at least once a day unfortunately and the GPS tracker is a Godsend

8. iPhone 6+ – if they made a 6+++ then I’d have that

9. My pimped up Macbook and a HUGE monitor – I’ve been loyally using Apple since 1985