Dallas: The Skinny on Hiatus Spa’s Key Lime Pie Retreat

The Key Lime Pie August Retreat should be at the top of your to-do list.
The Key Lime Pie August Retreat should be at the top of your to-do list.

Photo Credit: Hiatus Spa

Hiatus Spa is locate in Inwood Village, quite close to Breadwinner’s Cafe so make a day of it and have lunch after your treatment. Walking into the spa we were warmly greeted, handed some tea, and given a profile to fill out. This lets them know about any medical conditions or preferences. That was done very quickly and we were ushered into the changing room.

The entire spa, from front reception area to the treatment rooms, is tastefully decorated in restful tones and fixtures. Shapes are graceful, willowy, and rounded and the feeling of peace begins to seep into you right from the start. The changing room holds lockers, showers, and everything you need to be comfortable during your time there. The robes are generously proportioned and comfortable. We think there is nothing worse than sitting in a coed relaxation room worrying that we are showing more of ourselves than we want to every time we shift in the seat.

The relaxation room at Hiatus Spa is comfortable and relaxing

Photo Credit: Hiatus Spa

The relaxation room has a billowy gauze ceiling, soft lighting, and music that varies between hauntingly beautiful and a lullaby. Both hot and cold teas are available as well as fruit infused water so that you can hydrate both before and after your treatment.

The Key Lime Pie Retreat is a full body scrub with organic turbinado sugar crystals that smell like key lime and vanilla. You are taken to a tiled room, dimly lit, with a series of movable shower heads on the wall. First of all, you will be asked to choose a fragrance oil from three different ones. We were told that the one you felt drawn to was the one that your body needed. We chose restoration — and the room was filled with the fragrance during the treatment. Once you are undressed and on the table (Egyptian cotton towels discretely cover your girlie bits — or boy bits, we suppose) the shower heads are slowly moved over your body to wet you down. Then the body scrub is slowly massaged over your body with just the right pressure to make it feel amazing. Then you are tightly tucked under warm towels so that your body can get the full benefit of the detoxing qualities of the scrub.

No need to get up to shower off. It's all right in one room.
No need to get up to shower off. It’s all right in one room.

Photo Credit: Hiatus Spa

You are then rinsed and a vanilla and shea butter cream is massaged into your skin.

Drying off with the soft towels is just as pleasant an experience as the scrub. You’ll notice that your skin is amazingly soft and silky — so much so that you may tell your significant other to “feel this!” several times over the next few hours as you run your fingers down your arm, not that we know anyone who did this.

Once you are dry and slip back into your robe you’ll be greeted with a Key Lime Martini as you walk out the door and are led back to the relaxation room. You can stay there as long as you like, sipping your martini (which is delicious, by the way) and slowly re-entering the real world.

Should you go? Only if you want to be totally pampered, relaxed, and silky soft — but you’d better hurry. This is only available through theend of the month.