Light Up The Evening With Fiona Kotur’s LED Clutches

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Kotur Light Up Clutch

Accessory designer Fiona Kotur’s got a gimmick up her sleeve for her 10th anniversary.

She’s never one to just sit on her laurels and  constantly evolves her business with new designs and innovations resulting in women dying to acquire one of her bags. Recently she began to design shoes to go with her clutches and minaudieres—she was an early initiator of there retro box-clutch trend and revived it from its1950’s dusty shelf.

Kotur’s bags soon took on a whimsical bent with quirky sayings,and irreverent punk patterns or most recently a collection of “Lady Luck” inspired bags with a gambling and gaming theme.This latest grouping to celebrate her anniversary will light up your evening — literally. The bags have LED lights which light up or respond to sound or music and appear to dance ( see video). It’s a great accessory to bring to a night on the town and is sure to be a fun conversation piece at the table. You’ll just have to wait until August to get one.

KOTUR LED Bags ($995)

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