Fendi’s Capsule Collection Recalls Glamorous Travel

Imagine yourself as an Italian starlet from the ’50s, complete with hour-glass figure and scarf strategically tied to keep the hair in place. Queue the camera-snapping paparazzi as you ascend the stairs to your private jet…

If you yearn for the glamorous life of yesteryear then Fendi’s capsule travel collection, inspired by the Italian film star, Silvana Mangano, is for you.

The current designer, Silvia Venturini Fendi, and the late actress’s daughter, Veronica De Laurentis, reconnected at a chance encounter on a plane a few years ago. The two women grew up in Rome, and Ms. Mangano was friends with the Fendi house and purchased Fendi frequently.  Silvia and Silvana reminisced about their childhood and it was then that they decided to pay tribute to the Italian film star with this capsule collection. The elegant pieces including a fox fur wrap coat, a double-F emblazoned roll aboard, and several incarnations of the satchel handbag. All of the pieces recall a time when travel was an event to dress for. The collection has launched this week and is available at Fendi boutiques. It’s all you need for a Roman holiday.

02_FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano_ small blue bags
FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano small blue bag Photo courtesy of Fendi
04_FENDI SILVANA MANGANO Capsule Collection_FF Trolley
FENDI SILVANA MANGANO Capsule Collection//FF Trolley Photo courtesy of Fendi
06_FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano_ red boston bag
FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano red boston bag Photo courtesy of Fendi
04_FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano_ trench coat and gilet
FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano trench coat and gilet


07_FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano_exotic skin boston bag
FENDI Capsule Silvana Mangano exotic skin boston bag photo courtesy of Fendi
06_FENDI SILVANA MANGANO Capsule Collection_precious boston bag in ostrich enriched with croco and python details
FENDI SILVANA MANGANO Capsule Collection precious boston bag in ostrich enriched with croco and python details Photo Courtesy of Fendi