Soothe Chapped, Winter Skin With These 7 At-Home Treatments


It’s been a cold, rough winter for many in the US, and red, inflamed skin is often one of the big woes.

Here are our fave go-to products that help us keep skin supple and ready complexions for spring (it’s coming, we swear):

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream ($300) and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil ($300)
The Sell: La Prairie’s Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Dry Oil work together to bring amazing results.

The Gimmie: The texture of the dry oil and cream remain light and easy for skin to absorb. Expect ample moisture all day, even when there is a cold, dry wind a-blowing. Your skin will soak up the oil and cream in seconds and skin will instantly look healthier and more vibrant.

Let’s first talk about how amazing the texture of the cream and dry oil are together. The mix is not too heavy, and provides ample moisture all day without leaving the skin greasy. Skin felt amazingly soft and supple after one application.

The oil and cream can be used independently, but work best as a duo: take a pea-size dab of the cream, add a drop of the Dry Oil, then mix with fingertips and apply with tapping motions.

Clarins UV Plus HP Multi-Protection ($44)
The Sell: Helps shield facial skin from daily sun damage with a 100% mineral filter. Defends against the elements with a patented anti-pollution complex.

The Gimmie: Heading to the slopes? Protect your skin with the wonderfully sheer Clarins UV, which shields the skin from sun damage while delivering a dose of Clarins’ powerhouse antioxidant complex to fight wrinkle-causing free radical damage.

While many sunscreens will leave your face looking shiny or rub off and take your makeup with it, Clarins UV does fab double-duty as a primer. It goes on smooth and silky: makeup looks great and you don’t even feel like you’re wearing sunscreen. Perfection!

Restorsea 24kt Liquid Gold ($150)
The Sell: Restorsea’s 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil contains 24kt gold flakes, which has been known throughout the ages for its healing properties.

The Gimmie: It’s one thing to have dry skin in winter, when moisturizing is the name of the game, but what happens when oily skin becomes inflamed?

According to the folks at Restoresea, you must fight oil with oil. Many fight oily skin by stripping it of its essential oils, but that tricks the skin into thinking it is dehydrated, which results in the production of more sebum. When you apply oil formulated specially for the face, the skin believes it is hydrated and sebum production is kept under control.

Added plus, the gold flakes in the product melt into your skin and reflect in light, giving you a smooth, airbrushed glow!

Superheal O-Live Cream ($120)
The Sell: O-Live Cream helps tissues to repair while soothing and calming dry, itchy skin. It also reduces skin dryness, irritation and redness, while reinforcing natural skin hydration by stimulating the synthesis of water.

The Gimmie: If you are in dire need of healing, this is the cream is a good choice. It relieves the symptoms of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, and also works to calm reactive skin.

L’Occitane Ultra-Rich Comforting Cream $32
The Sell: The Ultra Rich Shea Butter Comforting Cream, with its creamy and melting texture, is formulated with a high concentration of shea butter (25%) to answer the essential needs of dry to very dry skin, including sensitive skin types.

The Gimmie: Shea butter is a lifesaver for very dry skin in winter, and L’Occitane’s Comforting Cream sinks into skin the moment it’s applied. This is a good emollient moisturizer recommended for dry to very dry skin, but it also calms skin that is sensitive or affected by rosacea. The lack of fragrance makes this product a viable option for reactive skin as well.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Protector ($23)
The Sell: This melting gel lip balm with a deliciously sweet taste glides on the lips effortlessly adding a naturally colored glossy shine with a barely-there effect. Lips instantly look plump, smooth and luscious.

The Gimmie: These balms combine a gorgeous hydrating formula with just a hint of color to ensure lips look totally juicy. Rich in moisturizing shea, vitamin E and natural peptides (which encourage the synthesis of hyaluronic acid to boost hydration over the long-term), these aren’t just lip balms, but little tubes of healing goodness.

This product feels wonderful and soothes lips immediately upon application. The light texture provides a hint of color without leaving smudges on scarves or coffee cups. Perfect for cold, blustery days trekking outside.

Volante’ Transformative Eye Cream ($85)
The Sell: The luxurious eye cream contains the patent-pending blend of botanicals, which helps reduce inflammation and adds vital nutrition to the skin.

The Gimmie: Containing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, this eye cream hydrates and plumps the skin under eyes, and also diminishes crow’s feet and dark circles. It feels amazing going on and in the dead of winter is little bit of heaven in a jar.

Light diffusers add light to the look of the eye and the cream is fragrance free, so those with sensitive skin will be just fine.

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