Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day celebrations date back to ancient times of Chaucer in the Middle Ages. In the 18th Century, lovers celebrated by expressing their devotion with flowers, sweet confections and love poems. In the 19th Century VD devolved into a Hallmark holiday, but the sentiment can still be a pure one. Nothing expresses your love and appreciation better than a gift of quality and refinement.

When he looks at that bespoke timepiece or slips on that 18-karat ring, he will be reminded of you.

Let’s face it: Men can be vary particular. No worries though, we’ve chosen eight special gifts for that special man in your life:

Jorge Adeler Alexander the Great Coin Ring 18K Yellow Gold $6,690 http://
Tod's Driving Shoe
Tod’s Driving Shoe
Georg Jensen Continuity Cufflinks in Sterling Silver, $350 available at and 800 546 5253
Richard Mille RM50-01
Richard Mille RM50-01 Tourbillon Chronograph, G-sensor Lotus F! TEam Romain Grosjean limited edition time piece
Fratelli Rosetti classic Brera loafer available at
Ralph Lauren Fine Timepiece Sporting classic chronometer 39mm
A.Testoni Leather back pack
AZ-T085 White with Red Heart, $120
PLAY T-Shirt is $120.00