The Riva Iseo Adds Even More Luxurious Flair to that Yacht

The Riva Iseo is a quaint 27-foot runabout boat that is perfect as an add-on to your luxurious yacht, but also as a small-scale cruiser. Though the term “quaint” is certainly not a term often used in the context of the yachting world, but that once again provides more testimony to the designing prowess of Riva. The team always comes up with an aesthetic, and executes said desired aesthetic flawlessly.
riva 2

The Iseo is aimed at those who like cruising on lake or sea, and was developed with yacht enhancement in mind. Because of its size and maneuverability it is just plain easy to take around. The standard version of the Iseo has her own custom-made car trailer, so she can be taken on and off a yacht as the owner pleases.
riva 3

The fine wood design makes it the ideal Riva yacht sidepiece. It was developed in collaboration with Advanced Yacht Technology, the Ferretti’s Group’s naval research and design center, as well as the team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferretti Group. The idea behind the boat was for owners to be able to, “Live their yacht where ever they go.” The design hints at Riva’s storied past bringing to mind a refined elegance upon viewing, even in its small size. This bond with the past is also evident in the extensive use of mahogany throughout the boat, symbolic of the Riva brand, skillfully crafted and covered in a twenty coat varnish finish – ten by brushing, ten by spraying. The value of the new Riva model is also accentuated by her furnishings: indeed, the optional
version of the Riva Iseo will be available with a sun deck, sofas, dashboard, and driving seat all developed by furniture design company Poltrona Frau.
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“The new Riva Iseo revives and evolves history,” says Norberto Ferretti, chairman of the Ferretti Group, ““After the wooden classics like the Ariston and the Florida, which made the history of our shipyard in the smaller yacht range, Riva today has introduced another small yacht that encompasses the values that have made Riva the legend it is today: meticulous craftsmanship, uniqueness, elegance and painstaking attention to detail.”
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As with other recent Riva projects, the Iseo was made with environmental concerns. The boat will be developed in a hybrid version with with a Zero Emissions Mode for those looking to cruise but not pollute the air for the sake of their leisure.
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As always, Riva and Ferreti Group are both highly proud of the boat that breed elegance and sophistication without the over-the-top gregariousness and massiveness that usually come hand in hand with yacht development, “She is the perfect yacht for those who love trips out onto the lake and want to travel easily, taking their yacht with them, but also for owners wishing to enhance their yacht with an exceptional tender,” says Riva sales manager Alberto Perrone de Zara. 

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