5 Refreshing Iced Coffee Drinks in NYC

For a city that’s always on-the-go, abstaining from caffeine isn’t really an option. New Yorkers are surrounded with seemingly endless cafes and stands, so it’s hard to know which places offer the best brew (coffee, that is). Haute Living has carefully crafted a list of five cafes that offer the best iced coffee in NYC for those hot summer days.

Birch Coffee
5 E 27th Street
(212) 686-1444

Birch Iced Coffee

Photo Credit: Gear Patrol

Birch Coffee offers its concoctions in a cup, but who could resist their iced brew by the jug? If that weren’t enticing enough, the delivery service can bring high-quality coffee right to your doorstep.

Cafe Reggio
119 MacDougal Street
(212) 475-9557

Caffe Reggio

Photo Credit: Walks of New York

Head over to the Village for addictive iced coffee at Cafe Reggio, made with roasted Arabica beans. Try out the granita di caffe, a scrumptious iced coffee slush that’s topped with whipped cream.

Ground Support
399 West Broadway
(212) 219-8722

Ground Support Cafe

Photo Credit: Man Seeking Coffee

SoHo’s favorite coffee shop has built a strong reputation for delicious drinks made with quality espresso. Ground Support Café’s iced coffee is sure to power you through your day or work as the perfect pick-me-up.

Kaffe 1668
275 Greenwich Street
(212) 693-3750

Kaffe 1668

Photo Credit: Eat This NY

Choose from six gourmet, individually brewed and addictive blends for coffee at Kaffe 1668 (either of the two locations on Greenwich Street). The cafe’s creative and charming vibe makes staying inside to sip on the iced brew really tempting.

1045 Lexington Avenue
(212) 988-2500


Photo Credit: PR Web

After just one sip of their iced coffee, it’s easy to see why Joe has eight locations in Manhattan (and a very loyal fanbase). While you’re grabbing your cup of Joe, you might as well pick up a pastry or two, right?