Gia Coppola


Ever wonder what the most powerful leaders, business execs and celebrities keep on their desks? Well, we’re about to tell you. Our weekly “What’s on My Desk” feature will take a look inside the offices and at the desks of the world’s most influential power players.

This week we’ve featured the desk of Hollywood legacy Gia Coppola. The 27-year-old is the granddaughter of famed director Francis Ford Coppola, and a director in her own right. Her first feature film, Palo Alto, was an adaptation of James Franco’s short story collection of the same name; the film premiered in the Orizzonti section of the 70th Venice International Film Festival, as well as the 38th Toronto International Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

She has also created her own wine brand for her granddad’s label which reflects her easygoing, unpretentious and inspiring personality. The “Gia by Gia Coppola” label includes three distinct varietals – a Frizzante Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir.

Gia collaborated with Francis and the winemaking team to create the wines in a style that reflects her individuality.  She also spearheaded the creative direction, designing the vivid, captivating labels and hand selecting the unique glass bottles – pulling inspiration from vintage perfume bottles. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather as a filmmaker, photographer, artist and now winemaker, Gia has been involved with the family winery for over a decade, joining the biannual board of directors meetings since her early teen years.  She was always intrigued by such topics as how the weather affected the grapes or why one particular wine was selling faster than another.

“Wine was always on the table growing up and so I learned about the family business at a young age,” says Gia. “I wanted these wines to reflect my style.  I enjoy light, easy-to-drink wines that are low in alcohol.” She adds, “I was always envious that every family member had a wine. I love watching the process of how the idea evolves, so I was excited and grateful when it was finally my turn.”

Here is a look at the items on this director-turned-vintner’s desk.

  • A Jurgen Teller print of Jared Leto I stole off the walls from a W party
  • My button collection that I made in high school
  • Magnet art by friend Nick Darmstaedter
  • My old Polaroid camera
  • My clutter of photos and papers
Gia Coppola
Gia Coppola Photo Credit: Autumn Dural

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