Prizewinning Collection: Ken Gorin

Photos by Nick Garcia

Since taking over co-ownership of THE COLLECTION in 1995, Ken Gorin has not only built a world-class luxury automobile dealership housing the globe’s most celebrated automotive brands – Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar and McLaren – he also improved the standards and expectations for luxury service in Miami. “I love Miami, but when I first moved here, I was frustrated that there was a lack of a sense of urgency here, especially from a business standpoint,” explains Gorin from his sleek office atop The Collection. Gorin had grown weary of observing preferential treatment at local businesses given to the highest tippers and biggest spenders. “That’s not right. Everyone should be treated special. Now, we do everything we can to surprise and delight all of our customers.”

At The Collection, service in their spectacular facility is seamless and customers are pampered regardless of whether they are looking to purchase an Aston Martin or to maintain an Audi. Ice-cold water available at the valet stand instantly refreshes customers upon arrival, and a beautiful concierge team is ready to cater to any whim. On the receiving end it feels effortless, but it’s truly the work of a well-oiled machine run by Gorin, a self-proclaimed, detail-obsessed, type-A personality who works hard to get things exactly right. This year is the 12th anniversary of the redesigned dealership, which was transformed from a string of unconnected warehouses to a sexy super-dealership with a luxe lobby, sparkling white service department, and distinct showrooms for their seven brands. Interestingly enough, they searched for three years to find a site to build this dream dealership, not realizing they already occupied it. “Everybody said to us, you guys already have the best spot,” says Gorin. Everybody was right. Situated on the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Bird Road, The Collection has one of the best locations in Coral Gables.



“Let’s face it, nobody really needs any of the cars we sell,” says Gorin boldly acknowledging the fact that, well, people could get from point A to point B with a less than a fabulous set of wheels, not that Miamians would want to. It would be easy for him to put on airs, because when it comes to brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin, The Collection really is the only game in town. Gorin’s 36 year experience in the exotic and luxury automobile industry, incredible work ethic, and dedicated vision have made even the manufacturers take notice. They seek him out for feedback on projects, flying him to their overseas headquarters to see their latest prototypes and computer models.  “I get to go behind the curtain and see the future,” he says.  “No one really knows exactly what’s going to hit, and there’s a lot of discussion, research, and development that goes into new models. I have a lot of experience and can advise in terms of what to do to make it better and what the market is asking for and what people really want.”

The 2014 Maserati Ghibli has currently hit a sweet spot, “You’re talking about a Maserati for $66,000. It’s selling like wild fire.” The Ghibli undoubtedly helped The Collection have its best year on record: in 2013 they finished with $427,302,000 on the books in sales for 4,265 vehicles. He is similarly excited about the biggest Porsche launch of the decade, the Macan, a new compact SUV, which begins at $50,000.  Even though The Collection has sold  several  Porsche 918 Spyders, which retail at almost a million dollars, Gorin is concerned about staying accessible and is excited about the new entries like  the Maserati Ghibli, Porsche Macan and new Audi A3 that will bring new customers to the dealership for the first time. “The Collection is very fortunate to have a very loyal clientele,” says Gorin, who has a very strong referral business. It is not surprising – as Gorin focuses on  what he calls “relationship selling.”  It works because, despite the high price points of the cars he sells, accessibility and service are at the heart of Gorin’s success. After all, everyone wants to feel special.