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Lea Black Springs Into New Beginnings
  • Lea Black
  • Lea Black is an entrepreneurial powerhouse, a philanthropist, an author, a television personality and a mom. Respected, outspoken, dynamic and uncompromising in her beliefs, the Texas native is leaving an indelible mark on Miami and the country as a Real Housewife of Miami (Bravo Network). A successful entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist, she is known as a leader who works year-round raising funds to help children in need. Sixteen years ago she founded The Black’s Annual Gala to aid and support disadvantaged youth. This annual event is unparalleled in its ability to raise money for the cause. Two years ago Black also created the Consequences Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to help at-risk youth by providing them with educational resources, mentoring programs, vocational training, and creative and cultural outlets.

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