Miami Housewives and Exercise Lovers: Meet Vimmia

Last week I brought my best friend Edison Lozada to my apartment and showed him my collection of vintage designer clothing that could make one’s mouth water. He asked to borrow my Lanvin cashmere wrap. Then I excitingly showed him my brand new exercise outfit from Vimmia. He shouted “girl, with that wardrobe you have, it’s funny because that is all I envision you in!”

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So, yes, I am guilty because I do not exercise, yet my day-to-day wardrobe consists of Lulu Lemon. I have always been a huge fan and knew about the brand when it was only available in Canada. I now own approximately 50 items, and they are my go-to items for either global travel or every day schlepping to Jugo Fresh. I am like the housewife, with no husband!

Many housewives in Miami do yoga, carpooling, just running around in outfits similar to my Lulu lifestyle SO I wanted to post this item so you know, I have found a new line in Miami that actually wears, washes and fits better than the rest. It is in fact designed in Los Angeles, uber sexy with a femme twist and their new jackets that come out on December 1st, well, I can not wait to own one! You should also know that the tights were designed to prevent every woman’s fear, that infamous crease between the legs showing. #revolutionary!

Carlos Marin, the Southeast Rep told me “we spent a year and a half in product development sourcing the most durable nylon-lycra compression fabric.  The black stays black through 20+ washings. True compression, moisture-wicking properties, and color-fast treatments make Vimmia’s fabrics the best in the market.”

Vimmia is sold locally at On my Own in North Miami Beach, CX2 Project in Midtown and at Sunset Clothing on Purdy Ave.