Dionea Orcini Fine Jewelry Pop Ups In Design District Til Saturday

Semiramis yellow gold ring

Italian jewelry designer Dionea Orcini has opened her pop up Dionea Orcini concept store today in the Design District. The shop serves as the official public debut of her new fine jewelry line that features unique an innovated pieces with gemstones like black diamonds and rare tanzanite set in precious metals.

While there are a total of 11 different collections in her line, there is a spiritual tie that binds them together. Take, for example, the Amaneé collection, a series of bracelets that trace the lines of the hand according to Indian Palmistry. Or the Jaipur collection, which employs magnets hidden behind diamonds which are placed on particular points on the body according to ancient Ayurveda. All of them evoke Orcini’s world travels and time as costume and fashion designer in Rome, Prague and Vienna.

The pieces are very unique, with rings that sit on in front of the knuckle instead of behind. “I design for renaissance women, fearless women who love to wear jewelry at all times, and don’t need a traditional set of matching earrings and necklaces,” says Orcini, and elegant brunette describes herself as “Part Indian Jones, part Diane Fossey.” Style aside, she also embodies a devotion to quality. Diamonds sparkle like rays of light and the craftsmanship is superb and done under a microscope in Italy. The only way to really see is to stop by and see for yourself. But don’t delay…  the pop up stays only til Saturday.

1 N.E. 40th Street  |  Monday, October 21 – Saturday, October 25th  |   11am- 6pm or by appointment 305.982.8227

Dionea Orcini Launch Luncheon