TomorrowWorld Announces Line Up And VIP Packages


Ever heard of TomorrowLand? The biggest EDM festival in the world put on by ID&T, an “electronic music experience company” that’s been putting on enormous shows and gatherings in Europe for over a decade. They are HQ’d in Amsterdam and are poised to bring TomorrowWorld to the US, specifically Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia on September 27th.

The event will be something of a Woodstock for dance music and feature “Dreamville,” tricked out campgrounds fitting up to 30,000 campers with¬†amenities like a laundrette, bakery and food court and even it’s own daily TomorrowWorld newspaper. Dreamville offers varying accommodations from tents on up to the Mansion, modern glass cubes surrounded by nature that promise a glass of bubbly upon your arrival.

With over 300 national A-list EDM musicians such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris , and Tiesto and underground acts such as Claude von Stroke and Fake Blood, the festival tries to cover a variety of acts, buy tickets, and see complete line up here.

Such big events don’t always lend themselves to VIP experiences, but TomorrowWorld wants to make everyone comfortable and will also offer VIP hotels and section passes, flight packages, 24-hour concierge and more.