Marc Ashley

Marc Ashley, the COO of the online retail giant, Market America, is fully engrossed in the culture of his company. He lives and breathes it, and it makes sense that he does considering he put in his everything into launching the company with his sister Loren and her husband JR Ridinger back in 1992. As COO, Marc oversees all corporate internal operations of the company. He focuses on leading the executive team in their common quest to create an addictive shopping experience—an online site that offers anything the end user could want and more. Beyond the 35 million products and services for purchase through Market America and its partner stores, the portal includes email service, deals, movies and media, customer reviews, product demos, social networking, amongst other offerings. Under Marc’s direction, Market America recently launched a partnership with the popular internet shopping destination,, a union that promises to significantly enhance MA’s already powerful presence in the online world. As Market America grows at an exponential rate, Marc is there every step of the way.