Salvatore Ferragamo Unviels Fine Jewelry Collection

Image: Luxury Insider

During a lavish cocktail party with champagne and live jazz music, Salvatore Ferragamo debuted their fine jewelry collection to some 200 guests.

The fine jewelry line was created in collaboration with Gianni Bulgari – of the Bulgari dynasty in Italy – and consists of three collections, Futurista, Vara and Gancino. Ferragamo’s signature symbols and icons are incorporated into the gold and diamond encrusted pieces of jewelry.

“I think this collection will be successful, especially among Chinese clients,” said Michele Norsa, Ferragamo’s Chief Executive. She believes that watches and gems are a safer long-term investment than clothes because their value does not diminish with time.

Attendees at the event included the guest of honor, Lynn Xiong, who was wearing a deep magenta silk dress from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Chang Fei Ping, Natalie Chan, Haylie Lee Ling and Jeanny Da Silva.

Image: Trend Hype

Source: Luxury Insider