Brand Ambassador Maria Sharapova Talks to Haute Living at the Grand Opening of TAG Heuer’s Aventura Outpost

“Miami is always one of our top markets, but Aventura Mall specifically is such a destination, with both domestic and international visitors,” said Alyssa Mischon, Vice President of Strategic Planning for TAG Heuer North America, as she gives Haute Living a tour of the brand’s new Aventura outpost, making this the second TAG Heuer boutique location in the U.S.

“The thing about the Miami store and our other store in Las Vegas which you can see from the design of it is that it is designed and laid out very differently than what you would normally find in a watch store, and that is really so that we can tell the full story of the TAG Heuer brand. It is also so that we have a way to interact with our customers and really show the brand from a lifestyle perspective. The boutique is the only place where you can find the full line of TAG Heuer products,” continued Mischon.

The boutique experience at TAG Heuer is one that caters to several different consumers, and in order to meet these diverse needs, the brand employs a staff of timepiece enthusiasts who are knowledgeable about both the brand and the industry. “Whether you are interested in the brand because you love Leonardo DiCaprio and you want to know more about the brand he represents, or if you are interested in our motor racing collection, there are just so many elements to the brand, and the boutique is where you get to experience all of them. And as much as our team is knowledgeable, we also have really knowledgeable clients as well. They are all very eager to talk about the brand, a lot of them show us their timepieces that they have had for years and years, and they express how they can’t wait to buy a second one and see what’s new,” added Mischon.

With brand ambassadors like DiCaprio and Maria Sharapova, who hosted the grand opening fete at Aventura, the brand has re-emerged invigorated and highly respected in both the timepiece and fashion realms. We caught up with Sharapova, who shared her profound appreciation for being associated with such an established luxury brand. “I was 17 when I began, and I really got to get a sense of the world of fashion and what it meant to be in front of the camera with someone like Patrick Demarchelier, and at the time I had no idea how big he was and how influential he was in the industry. So it was from those steps to then being involved in the formula one collection,” said Sharapova.

But one might ask what kind of watch could suit the needs of a jet-setting superstar tennis player like Sharapova. The athlete continued to explain, “The steel and ceramic was kind of my first little take on what I wanted a woman’s watch to represent in terms of lifestyle. Being on the go so much, I really wanted a timepiece that I could carry throughout the day and not have to worry about changing it or feeling like it needed to be dressed up for nighttime. So it was about creating pieces in different versions, some in black ceramic and others in gold with white ceramic.  It was a sense of having a timepiece that corresponded to my lifestyle.”

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