H&M Versace Collection This November

No to Versace’s prices last year, no to Versace’s price points the year before last, but maybe yes to Versace’s collection at H&M this year! Versace’s seasonal collections are just the eye candy in window displays and keep women drooling for just one taste! But Santa Claus has arrived early this year and has decided every gal and guy can be treated to Donatella’s collection at H&M this holiday season! Piggy banks have been smashed, coin purses have been ripped apart and pockets have been pinched enough for Versace’s luxurious delights for decades! This year Santa has a whole new ball game and wants his little fashionista’s to save a coin or two and be on the lookout for Versace at H&M on November 19th!

Everyone might crave the runway looks, but not everyone craves the runway price tags. A miracle has finally happened! Santa Claus must have received everyone’s Christmas wish list a little early this year and has sent in a demand for Versace goods to be delivered to their stocking this Christmas! How will Santa ever be able to afford those luxurious cargo goods on his sleigh? The elves don’t even have the proper tools or fabrics to pull off a Christmas for those deviant, sexy looks! But H&M does have the more affordable Versace cravings this holiday season and before the month of Christmas. So, ladies and yes, gentlemen are invited to the sneak preview also, get your bags packed, heels strapped on and haul that caboose over to H&M on November 19th! Don’t ask about the price points, the looks or the bearable line that will be wrapped around H&M’s Powell location, just get to this VIP event of the season!

To get further details, garment pieces and attendance, please stay tuned for next week’s instructions! To be continued……