Mercedes-Benz Sales Slowing In China

Mercedes-Benz reported lower year over year sales gains in China this September. Howerver, sales representatives at the company have reported a 13 percent growth in the last month, bringing their count up to 15,815 vehicles. While this is a substantial number for most car companies, it does not come close to measuring up to Mercedes- Benz’s usual track record.

The car company reported below 60 percent in growth during the first half of the year. Arnd Minne, China’s Mercedes-Benz spokesman, said the brand’s growth rates for September and for the first nine months of the year point to “solid growth, and we are confident of reaching our sales target by year end”.  However, at this rate, it is going to be tough for the comoany to top last years record of 147,670 total car sales.

Source: Wall Street Journal