Classic Car Club Manhattan

If you like to change cars like you change your shoes or belts, the Classic Car Club of Manhattan is something you should look into.

Classic Car Club is the perfect solution for city-dwellers (or any car enthusiasts) who like to spice up their ride with seemingly limitless variation. This exclusive club, which was started in London in 1995, is the first of its kind to give members the keys to an astoundingly stylish fleet of cars.

The Club has 45 cars ranging from American muscle, brand new exotics and everything in between. Zac Mosely, the Director of Classic Clar Club Manhattan, says they have basically any car in automotive history that has hit a benchmark.

It is not a rental place – you cannot just walk in off the street and take your dream car for a spin. Once you become a member, which typically costs between $8,000 and $15,000 per year, you call up and arrange for which car you want and you then have access to any car in the collection.

Though the unique and exclusive club started in London, Classic Car Club locations can be found throughout Europe. The two Manhattan locations are paving the way for more Classic Car Clubs to launch throughout America, including Los Angeles and Miami.

The company has modern supercars and vintage cruisers for whatever mood you’re in and the fact that Classic Car Club is a private club, you’re also privy to a network of members that enjoy many events including weekend rallies, happy hours, shifts behind the wheel of their racecar, first-class travel to Formula 1 events around the world and other special events at the club.

Source: AOL