Q & A: Dentists-to-the-Stars Give Us White Smile Tips

Pearly whites should be, well, white. Dentists-to-the-stars, Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans and Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, take care of the bright white smiles of celebs like Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi, TV host Regis Philbin, NFL Quarterback Tom Brady, Actor Hugh Jackman, Comedian Ben Stiller, Hip Hop Artist Usher and the list goes on.

The dentists have recently unvealed their “Lunchtime Lightening Treatment” which ends with a luxurious diamond dust polish for your teeth. The QuickWhite treatment is just 20 minutes, so you can pop in on your way to Berdorf’s. The treatment combines Zoom2 technology QuickWhite and lightens up to 8 shades in a single session (it’s works for bondings and veneers as well).

With a reputation as the hautest teeth whitening gurus in Manhattan, we knew these docs were the right guys to turn to for how to get (and keep) the perfect smile.

HL: Are there any specific foods we should eat for a healthy smile?
Here are three:
1. Recent studies show that two servings of fish every week help prevent against gum disease, opt for fish that are rich in omega-3s, such as salmon or tuna.
2. Also, chocolate! While chocolate does contain sugar, it also contains good-for-you ingredients that help prevent tooth decay. In fact, the cocoa bean husk has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and can fight effectively against plaque and other damaging agents.
3. Munching on crunchy snacks like apples or celery is as effective as brushing. Raw fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, a natural abrasive that can help clean teeth.

HL: Any tips for drinking those beverages that we love, but sometimes stain our teeth?
Coffee, red wines and dark sodas are main causes of yellowing, so sip your latte or soda through a straw.

HL: How important is it to floss?
Don’t expect wow whitening results without flossing. Teeth with plaque are more prone to stains because substances like wine and coffee stick to the buildup.

HL: Any little-known tips we should also know?
Kissing is good for your teeth! Locking lips helps maintain a healthy smile by increasing saliva production. Saliva acts as a natural lubricant, slipping under plaque and washing it away. But, there is a caveat. Cavities are no different than a common cold. Yes, natural causes of cavities include bacteria, sugar, and not brushing, but you can increase risk of cavities by kissing someone who has history of cavities based on the level of bacteria in their saliva. And the good news? You can also build up immunities to cavities by kissing someone who is more cavity-prone.

Check out all of their celeb clients and get more information at www.nyccd.com.

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