Haute Bling: An Interview with Laura Preshong

Photo credit: Laura Preshong Gallery

The Laura Preshong Gallery was established in 2005 in the heart of the South End. Here, Haute Living sits down with its namesake gallerina, Laura Preshong, a 20-year veteran of the jewelry industry.

What, or who, encouraged you to strike out on your own as an independent designer?

I’ve always had an artistic side to me, and first expressed interest in photography. I traveled a lot when I was first starting out, and met lots of other artists and jewelry designers along the way. I really fell in love with the process of making jewelry, and being able to truly use my hands to create works of art. The tactile experience with creating jewelry truly won me over. Plus, the idea of working a 9-to-5 job has never appealed to me—entrepreneurial blood flows through my veins. My time is my own.

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

I’m inspired by nature—rich, vibrant colors; a variety of textures; and organic shapes. I especially enjoy working with gold and raw stones. Raw, uncut diamonds are especially elegant; they make great, unexpected statement pieces.

What made you choose the South End as the neighborhood to your namesake boutique, as opposed to, say, the foot traffic-heavy Back Bay/Newbury Street area?

The South end has a unique, up-and-coming flavor to it. It’s home to a lot of designers and artists, and is still developing its own style. The fact that it’s less established than other neighborhoods means it can develop fully into its own.

How do you decide which designers to carry in your gallery?

I’ve built a lot of personal relationships over the past 15 years, and handpick each designer [a few of which include Anne Sportun, Susan Freda, Priya Himatsingka and Rebecca Overmann, among others] that appears in my gallery’s cases. I have a tendency to pick designers who create pieces that are delicate and classic, feminine with a twist. I also try to not carry designers with duplicate styles or inspirations.

What do you see for the Laura Preshong brand in the future?

I had a goal to incorporate E-commerce into my website, which we introduced late last year. My clients have responded well; it’s convenient if they’re not able to make it into the gallery or if they’d like to browse from the convenience of their homes. A second location might be on the horizon, but that’s to be decided still.

Do you have any final thoughts on the jewelry industry, or about your personal style?

Above all, I make jewelry I’d want to wear.

Laura Preshong Gallery is located at 558 Tremont Street in the South End