Where Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria-Parker Go to Get Glowy

(Pictured: Eva Longoria-Parker, Jessica Simpson)

Sure the next Award Season rush is in January, but still, a girl’s gotta prep. Besides, there are plenty of premieres/charity events/soirees to hit in between.

Ken Paves may do Jessica‘s hair but to keep her face dewy afresh, Simpson (and Longoria-Parker) are devout followers of Lea Eigard, a facialist in Bev Hills.

Lea is known for her innovative brand of facial rejuvenation embodied in her signature EMrx Treatment. Now – with the introduction of EMrx RED CARPET TREATMENT, she’s taken restorative skin-care treatments to the next level, combining the technology of Sapphire 3 Photo System with her signature. EMrx PROTOCOL. The Sapphire 3 Photo System is the first polychromatic LED therapy on the market. This ultra-luxurious therapy produces visible and immediate firming, toning and lifting results.

The newly-released, unrivaled, medical-grade equipment, from Geneva, Switzerland, (home of not only fine timepieces but cutting edge health and beauty therapies) has revolutionized reshaping, sculpting and firming power for the face. In the Sapphire 3 Photo System, Polychromatic LED and Micro-Current work in unison to not only create muscle tone and collagen production, but also to oxygenate the skin, thereby resulting in firm, smooth, toned, soft and luminous skin.

Says Eigard, “Healthy skin always looks good.” Her approach to skin care is holistic, and the five-colored light system is consistent with her philosophy as it treats the entire spectrum of skin care problems by clarifying, detoxifying, evening out skin tone, stimulating collagen, eliminating bacteria and even de-stressing the skin.

Considering how much these ladies have to put themselves out there, it’s no wonder they go to Lea.

For more information:
Lea Advanced Skincare is located at 417 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Ph: 310.278.2221