Haute Events NYC: Julianne Moore, Vera Farmiga, and Uma Thurman at Grey Goose Entertainment & Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts 5th Season Launch Party

The launch party for Grey Goose Entertainment & Sundance Channel’s fifth season of the critically acclaimed “Iconoclasts” began with a star studded red carpet of well-known icons, including the legendary former Iconoclast Ruby Dee, the glamorous Julianne Moore, a very pregnant and glowing Vera Farmiga (“Up in the Air”) and the always ultra-chic Uma Thurman. The scene was at LAVO, the new hot spot and place to be and be seen.

DJ Cassidy, the first to arrive, spoke his views about the event. “It’s exciting to watch pairs of two visionaries and their iconic presence beyond any one single personality.” Cassidy shared that he would be thrilled to be cast for the next season.

A longtime fan of the Sundance Channel, Julianne Moore said “Iconoclasts is a wonderful program. Being able to see a person’s view from different walks of life is inspiring.”

David Blaine doing a trick for Julianne Moore

The charming David Blaine had many great things to say about Chuck Close. “It was an honor being paired with Close for the series. Close had gone through many things, survived, and is one of my greatest inspirations. I admire him.” Blaine himself is a legend & a very intriguing man. He stunned the crowd when he bent a quarter in half in a woman’s hand.

Iconoclasts is the first production from Grey Goose Entertainment. Tune in to watch pairs of well-known personalities and experience the real people behind all that fame. Directed by Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky, the fifth season of Iconoclasts debuts on the Sundance Channel on Saturday, Oct.2 @9pm ET. Don’t miss it!